Merelew's Legacy (2.0)

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Bard thumb.jpgBard Guild
Merelew's Legacy
Abbreviation: MERE
Prerequisites: Caress of the Sun
Minimum Prep: 10
Casting Cap: 50
Performance Type: Sung
Description: This enchante is one of the few we currently possess which serves dual purposes. When played inside a lake or pool, it will resonate and push the water away so that one may breathe or sing even when completely submerged. When used in the air, it will have a snuffing effect upon burning objects, making it extremely difficult for fire to be lit or fire magics to have maximum effect. This enchante was given to our guild by the same couple to originally develop the Phoenix's Pyre ...likely as a manner in which they could quickly quench the wild fires started afterwards.
Example Messaging: Intro:With a quick breath, you begin to sing the opening notes to "Merelew's Legacy", keeping each phrase light and airy like the passage of the wind over the sea.

Verse:The catchy, lyrical quality to your singing becomes more apparent as you continue to the verse of "Merelew's Legacy". You drift from phrase to phrase without pausing for so much as an extra breath, keeping the pace both brisk and light as you lose yourself in your music.

Chorus:You let yourself go, full-voiced as you enter the chorus of your enchante. Rather than uttering words, you lose yourself in a vocalized melody that cascades with a series of rapid measures, hitting the lowest notes you are capable of uttering before soaring once more in the main theme.

Enchante Structure: Intro/Verse/Verse/Chorus/Refrain/Verse/Verse/Chorus/Refrain/Verse/


Prep Time: 10 seconds
Pulse Timing: Verse: 4 pulses of 16 seconds.

Chorus: 4 pulses of 16 seconds.

Refrain: 4 pulses of 16 seconds.

Bridge: 2 pulses of 16 seconds.

Outro: 1 pulses of 16 seconds.

Enchante Duration: 13 1/2 minutes for one iteration of the song. This enchante loops infinitely so long as the Bard has mana to sing.


  • Provides a mild bonus to swimming skill.
  • Enables the Bard and his group to breathe under water.
  • Provides mild protection from fire-based magic.
  • The defensive barrier weakens with each spell it defends against, renewing at full strength with each pulse.
  • Will attempt to snuff Mantle of Flame spells in the area. If it doesn't completely snuff it out, it will reduce its duration.
  • Snuffs out cigars and other smokables.
  • Played LOUD, this will affect everything in the area.
  • Played QUIET, the defensive barrier and swimming bonus will only affect those in the Bard's group. Also, only those people who are engaged with the Bard's group will have their mantles affected. The other snuffing effects are not affected by playing quietly.