Berserk Stone

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Berserk Stone
Slot Cost:
Difficulty: Unknown
Type / Skill: berserk /
Contest: /
Description: Berserk Stone is the second berserk a barbarian learns. It is defensive in nature. Considered to be one of the most useful of early barbarian skills, it allows the warrior to resist significant amounts of damage, effectively eliminating injury below hard hits. Because of its slow drain on inner fire, standard combat allows ones inner fire to stay charged during its use allowing instantaneous re-entering of berserk indefinitely. This allows hunting well above what one would typically be able to hunt. Lasts around 20 minutes at 20th circle.
Effect: Increase Stamina (stat)
Decrease Intelligence (stat)
Decrease Wisdom (stat)
Increase Balance
Increase Defense
Reduces incoming damage by a flat amount (can reduce to 0)
Messaging: You see:

Everything vanishes in a haze of red, and your vicious snarl ravages the air around you. Every trace of pain in your body melts away before the burning hunger to eviscerate!
Others see:
<Player> Unknown