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The SET command toggles various game options. Much of the functionality of this command has been replaced by the new FLAGS command.

Menu and Syntax

To set flags, type 'set' then the name of the flag.
To clear flags, type 'set' "!" then the name of the flag.
   (example   set !RoomNames)
Flag names may be abbreviated.

Current flag settings are:
  LogOn         (receive messages when someone logs on)
  LogOff        (receive messages when someone logs off)
  Disconnect    (receive messages when someone disconnects)
  Death         (receive messages when someone dies)
  RoomNames     (displays the name of the room you are in)
  Description   (determines if room descriptions are displayed or not)
  RoomBrief     (will shorten the output of the room description)
  BattleBrief   (shortens messages during battle)
  CombatBrief   (leaves your battle messages full while shortening others)
  MonsterBold   (highlights monster names, requires ANSI emulation)
  StatusPrompt  (displays status information in front of the prompt)
  DesignerNotes (determines inclusion in this game's mailing lists)
  Profession    (toggles display of your profession)
  Inactivity    (increases time before system logs you off when inactive)

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