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Stormwill Tower, or Dertalriosh Endaertheal'a (Spear of Sun's Flame Descending) in Gerenshuge, is the home of the Shard Warrior Mage and Empath Guilds.

Empath Guild

[Stormwill Tower, Empath Guild]
The Guildmaster's office is decorated in soothing greens and blues, with splashes of gold here and there to add color. A lush white rug covers the stone floor to muffle the echoes caused by the stream of Empaths rushing in to speak with their leader, who sits behind a large mahogany desk covered in ledgers and invoices. Hung on a rod near the stone fireplace is a kettle of lemonroot tea, the Guildmaster's favorite drink. You also see a mahogany door and Guildleader K'miriel Lystrandoniel.

  • Two rooms west from here is the Infirmary. Out the door in the Infirmary can be found the Empath-only Whitehall Commons housing area.

Warrior Mage Guild



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Stormwill Tower
Location: Shard, Ilithi (RanikMap67)
Class / Type: Upper / Urban
Restrictions: Warrior Mage
Justice: city
Form: Door
Homes (Free): 8 (0)
Last Checked: 22 Aug 2023

Stormwill Tower Housing.gif

Location Category Restrictions Owner Appearance
Basement Tunnel - 1 Upper Class, Urban Warrior Mage Elandrus fir door decoratively studded with brass nails
Basement Tunnel - 2 Upper Class, Urban Warrior Mage Ierace rusty black iron door marred at the bottom by large claw marks
Basement Tunnel - 3 Upper Class, Urban Warrior Mage Siandrie carved dragonwood door with a roaring dragon's head in the center with a wide old-fashioned keyhole
Earthen Gallery - 4 Upper Class, Urban Warrior Mage Malokar ironwood door
Water Gallery - 5 Upper Class, Urban Warrior Mage Minboler silkwood door
Aether Gallery - 6 Upper Class, Urban Warrior Mage Jesterz cross-braced and reinforced plank door illuminated by torches set in iron sconces
Fire Gallery - 7 Upper Class, Urban Warrior Mage Bulzzer onyx-inlaid ironwood door
Air Gallery - 8 Upper Class, Urban Warrior Mage Asnala elegant ebony door

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