Emerald Knights

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The Emerald Knights are a group of Paladins and Rangers based at Corik's Wall who are fighting the Dark Hand. Their establishment is extensively documented in The Emerald Chronicles by Geoff Graev.

Membership Quest

In order to join the Emerald Knights an aspirant must complete several quests at Corik's Wall. These quests involve assisting the guardsmen and Grimnur, the Captain of the Watch. The reward for successfully aiding the defenders is a badge bearing the symbol of the Emerald Knights. The very first group of Emerald Knights were awarded a 2-handed sword bearing the crest. Later groups of Emerald Knights were presented with the badges, which are needed for return access to get into Corik's Wall.


A laurel and lion's claw on a verdant field.
A brass badge etched with a laurel and lion's claw crest.

Quest Walkthrough

See Emerald Knight Quest Walkthrough.