Vaalrin House

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This is an Ilithi citizen-only building, found NorthEast from the Great Tower.

[Vaalrin House, Grand Foyer]
The night's dim light settles gently down into the room from the skylight in the darkness overhead, adding a softer edge to the glow of the wall mounted gaethzen lamps that ring the room. Surrounded by the lingering scents of the daytime blooms and only the sound of the waterfall by the stair breaking the silence of the night, the room takes on the feel of a darkened forest glade. You also see some silverwood doors leading out and an arch.
Obvious exits: none.

[Vaalrin House, Duph's Taproom]
The taproom is smoky, dimly lit by lanterns hung upon the walls, and the heavy beams that support the floor above are low enough to make a Gor'Tog duck when entering. Still, the room is kept clean, right down to the scarred but patiently cared for hardwood floor. Opposite the bar, a cozy fire crackles merrily in the soapstone fireplace beneath an old oil painting.
Obvious exits: out.

On the oak-topped bar
Item Price Done
a fire-scarred lunat cask of potent Vykathi ale 0   !!
an silver urn of strong black coffee 0   
some fine Elven brandy 0   !!
a hogshead of Duph's stout 0   !!

[Vaalrin House, Foyer Balcony]
Thick red woolen rugs with interweaving patterns of blue and green cover the marble floor of the balcony all the way from the intricately wrought iron railings to the tapestries that hang against the back wall. Busts of several notable citizens of years past perch atop alabaster pedestals along the length of the wall, flanking both sides of a wide arch. You also see a grand stairway and a paneled door.
Obvious exits: none.

[Vaalrin House, Drawing Room]
Dominating the room is a heavy mahogany table surrounded by several high-backed chairs, placed here for smaller semi-formal gatherings. Panels of dark wood cover the walls on one side of the room while a set of leaded glass windows framed by heavy draperies fronts the street on the other. A large rough-cut granite fireplace next to a suit of armor at one end of the room contains a low fire to keep any chills out of the room. You also see a paneled door.
Obvious exits: none.

[Vaalrin House, Spire Ballroom]
The crystal and silver of the chandelier blazes like a thousand stars, generously lighting the room's every corner. Flickering candlelight plays across the parquet pattern of the floor, creating momentary illusions of life and movement. The tall windows to either side of the room are little more than dark panes against the night, but have been left cracked open to air the room.
Obvious exits: out.

note: this is also a dance floor area.

On the buffet table
Item Price Done
a silver box of Elothean chocolates with coconut-cream centers 0   !!
a succulent apple-roasted boar 0   
a steaming cauldron of a delicious snowbeast stew 0   !!
a wooden bowl filled with steaming cobs of roasted wild corn 0   !!
a crystal punch bowl of glowing Elothean windhaze 0   !!
a silver urn filled with rich mocha coffee frothed with steamed milk 0   DG