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Status: Dead
Guild: Paladin
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Associates: Graev
Relatives: Seome
Ptera was the First Commander of the Emerald Knights after winning the Ferdahl Alec's competition. In 192 AV, following the fall of Morganae's Arm (part of the fortifications she was assigned to guard) and the death of Odern, the Ferdahl exiled her south. She continued to live out there as part of Shadow Clan.

Graev, the second First, described her as a "Maiden of the Moors" of Therengia. She was a Paladin.

A significant chunk of her story is described in the early volumes of The Emerald Chronicles by Geoff Graev.

Seome, her son

In 202 AV she stopped at the Wall with a son named Seome. He had black hair. Graev suggested to Hren -- his friend, correspondent, and a prominent cooper in Zoluren -- that he take the boy as an apprentice. Seome, however, had other ideas and left in 215 AV to find his mother.