Rasman Sect

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The Rasman Sect was created by Nuar Deiva during the Luethra Fourth Age. The Sect venerated and worshiped death, and claimed that their actions ended the Rasman Plague. They successfully seized power from the Azhjam, started construction on the City of the Dead, and began isolating Albaria from Kermoria.

After the completion of the City of the Dead, the Sect began fully isolating the Leuthra. The Bosueq, Opirks, and Cip'uja Gnomes were placed under restrictions, and the M'Riss colonists abandoned. At this time, the Royalist Faction rises up and gains control of New Albabriddlaen. This leads to the Luethra Civil War, the destruction of Avaev, and as the Royalists gained the upper-hand, the sealing of the City of the Dead.