Elanai's Delicate Tastes

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Elanai's Delicate Tastes
Province Therengia
Town Throne City
Map Ranik's Map 35
Owner Elanai
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Drink shops, Food shops
This store only accepts Lirums

[Elanai's Delicate Tastes, Cheese and Bread Shop]
For a mere stall, the interior is elegant, ordered, and very clean. Wicker baskets are arranged in neat circles around a deobar counter, each container overfilled with a variety of cheeses and breads. Most are covered with soft blankets with a lone sample of their contents lying on top. Near the center of the area, a delicate paper menu is tacked to a support beam.
You also see an oak barrel with some rye crackers on it and the proprietor Elanai.

On the oak barrel
Item Price Done
rye crackers 0   !!
Item Price Done
1) Sourdough - freshly baked 22   
2) Round Rye - perfect for travelers 28   !!
3) Imperial Blend - green peppers baked inside 31   
Item Price Done
4) Livarot - strong with lots of flavor 33   
5) Bel Paese - a mild creamy cheese 20   
6) Chevre - pungent and creamy goat's cheese 53   
7) Pecorino - a somewhat sharp sheep's cheese 35   !!
8) Mascarpone - smooth, buttery double cheese 100   !!
9) Morbier - a semi-soft cow's cheese 24   
10) Halfling Smoky - a rich, naturally aged cheese 80   !!

[Elanai's Delicate Tastes, Wine Shop]
Rows of wine bottles are lined along the backwalls, nearly disguising the fact that this is a streetside stall with the appearance of some wealthy aristocrat's cellar. Straw batting is stuffed around some of the more precious samples. A wine list, placed carefully atop an upside-down oak cask, notes the inventory for potential buyers. You also see a pinewood barrel with some cheese biscuits on it.

Note: You may be able to haggle for lower prices depending on your Charisma.

Item Price Done
11) Talan Sathra 280 LV - rich yet sweet 1,800   !!
12) Talan Sathra 322 LV - pre-drought vintage 800   !!
13) Imperial Rose 347 LV - tasty modern reproduction 100   
14) Blosu Lorel 112 LV - an exotic Elven wine 2,200   !!
15) Dreamer's Blend 345 LV - a slightly spicy white 1,200   !!
16) Halfling Apple 340 LV - a playful Halfling wine 110   
On the pinewood barrel
Item Price Done
cheese biscuits 0