Dahl Aeliy Provisions and Wares

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Provisions and Wares
Province Therengia
Town Throne City
Map Ranik's Map 35
Owner Jearno
# of Rooms 1
Store Type General shops
This store only accepts Lirums

[Dahl Aeliy Provisions and Wares]
Well insulated from both the stifling heat of summer and the chill touch of winter, this tent has multiple linings of canvas between its interior and exterior. Less attention has been paid to the dynamics of aestheticism, and the ceiling, propped up on the corners by reed shoots, droops sloppily down in the center. Splitting the tent is a low mahogany table with a bound set of bark sheaves resting atop it. You also see Jearno.

Dahl Aeliy is Gerenshuge for Crescent Star.
Note: You may be able to haggle for lower prices depending on your Charisma.

Page 1 - Archaeological Field Supplies
Item Price Done
Reed torch 275   
wax candle 300   
flint 350   
charcoal 180   
Tinderbox 425   
Heavy rope 650   DG
copper masonry trowel - Order as 'masonry trowel'. 800   !!
Leather-gripped handpick 2,200   
Pine-handled excavation brush 2,600   !!
Page 2 - Daily Sundries
Item Price Done
Deobar-handled razor 550   
Deobar-handled clippers 450   
Rosewood-handle razor 725   
Rosewood-handle clippers 800   
White cotton towel - Order as a 'cotton towel'. 1,900   
Turtle-fat soap 1,200   !!
Oval crimson-handled mirror - Order as a 'crimson-handled mirror'. 2,200   !!
Page 3 - Finely Crafted Carry Alls
Item Price Done
Burlap backpack 650   
Multi-strap leather pouch - Order as a 'leather pouch'. 900   
Pocketed leather vest - Order as a 'leather vest. 1,500   
Grey burlap sack - Order as a 'burlap sack'. 400   
Copper parchment case - Order as a 'parchment case'. These ONLY hold scrolls, maps, and starcharts. 3,550   
Page 4 - Perfumes and Oils
Item Price Done
Order all of these as '[scent's name] perfume.'
Forest Song - For men. Order as 'forest song cologne.' 1,300   No
Lavender Oil 1,600   !!
Water Lily 3,800   !!
Desert Rose 2,800   
Page 5 - Glassware and Alchemical Accoutrements
Item Price Done
Oil - Order as 'ordinary oil'. 125   
Lamp oil 250   
Small glass jar - Order as a 'small jar'. 400   !!
Large glass jar - Order as a 'large jar. 500   !!
Ceramic mortar - Heavy duty 1,560   
Ceramic pestle 1,350   
Bone mortar - Lighter weight than the standard. 1,640   
Bone pestle 1,370