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alley thug or street thug
Unknown creature.jpg
Creature Levels:
    Overall Relative ?
    Natural Attack ?
    Weapon Attack ?
    Defense ?
    Player Estimated -
Skill Cap 140 to 230
Skinnable No
Has Coins Yes
Has Gems Yes
Has Boxes Yes
Evil No
Corporeal Yes
Construct No
Casts Spells No
Attack Range Ranged
Stealthy No
Special Attacks Yes
Special Defenses No
Body Type Biped
Manipulatable Yes
Skill Required Unknown / Unknown
Teaching Cap Unknown


The street/alley thug looks pretty typical for a <Human/Halfling/Gor'Tog/Elf/S'Kra>, but <he/she> has the symbolic crossed daggers of the Fade Gang tattooed on <his/her> arm, visible just under the sleeve. Outfitted for survival, <he/she> also bears the scars of one living in derelict conditions. With a smug look on <his/her> face, the thug gazes about, ready to drive anyone out of <his/her> territory.

Area Features

  • Be careful about items on the ground! Every couple minutes "thugs" come through the area and scavenge anything from the ground.
  • Inside the colosseum, the floors are weak and may give way, causing the character to fall to a lower level, be stunned, be prone, and be injured. Move slowly to avoid this issue, or stalk. The falls are often fatal.

In Depth

Special Attacks

Throws powder to reveal hidden/invisible people:

  • some deep violet powder: reveals anyone who is invisible.
  • some bright green powder: reveals anyone who is hiding.


  • They drop a decent number of boxes, need around 160 ranks to open without failure (non-bonused, careful).

Alley Thugs have a wide variety of equipment, including:

To pick up the powders you need to use your right hand.


  • Alley Thugs are members of Fade's Gang.
  • Alley Thugs are the only regular creatures that can Walk the Starry Road.


Stops teaching TM around 220. Weapon still dabbling around 260