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A cheerful representative leans forward and speaks to you about this sect. "As the Mirror Wraith Prophecy drew to a close, many Moon Mages were ecstatic to find themselves members of groups that lived the old ways, whether that be Tezirite, Skindancer or what-have-you. We find that to be simplistic. How many of them were even born when the original Sects still existed, at a time when they actually meant something?"

"With the signing of the Lunar Accord, a great Guild was formed. And with that signing began the end of the splintered and fundamentally different Sects, and a strong, unified group know as Moon Mages were born. The Sects faded with time, until they were pale shadows and half-remembered concepts of a long dead past."

"We of the Heritage House, the same group so long charged with the task of maintaining the Guild's libraries and histories, wish to restore the Moon Mage Guild to its glory. We are all known as Moon Mages, and it's time to rebuild the dream that the Mirror Wraith Prophecy destroyed." The cheerful representative adds, "You have but to JOIN us, and be part of this heritage."


  • A lidless eye with a quill and a book contained within the pupil.
  • a narrow gold bracer engraved with the seal of the Lunar Accord
Engraved along the surface of the bracer are thin lines which intersect here and there to form uniting patterns.


  • Heritage Keeper, as well as post-title Of the Novitiate.
  • Also: Archivist, Proctor, Gestalt, Bibliomancer, Stoichomancer, Accord Keeper.

Title Requirements: Heritage Keepers love books. They earn their titles based on Utility and Scholarship.


  • Naronas Kerwaith (entry): Gets you into other sect halls. Circle 28.
You gaze at a colorful gypsy and say, "You will allow me passage."
The colorful gypsy takes on a peculiar glazed look and nods.
  • Fate Alignment (align): Erases negative prediction. Circle 35.
You focus on misaligning yourself away from the Plane of Probability.
The world seems a little less foreboding than it did a moment ago.

  • Veiled Identity (face):
    • You have star-shaped eyes of the purest white, a pale flickering nimbus rather than hair, and glowing skin.
    • <Furred Race> has a pair of vivid white eyes, a pale flickering nimbus rather than hair, and glowing fur.
Heritage Keeper <name> whose body glows with starlight.

Spell Preparation

  • A runaway Heritage House member spreads her hands apart, then brings them slowly together with fingers interlocked.

Sect Shop

Spell Affinities

Heritage House members have an affinity with the Unleash spell.

Box Dismantle

dismantle crate focus

You close your eyes and hold the oaken crate in both hands, trying to still your mind from distractions. When you feel suitably centered, you open your eyes and study the oaken crate carefully, taking note of its construction and of the pieces that create the whole. You then focus intently on the oaken crate and force your power into it, causing its individual pieces to simultaneously wink out of existence and appear a few inches away from where they started. The mass of wood and nails falls to the ground and you kick it aside, confident in your knowledge of its creation.


Heritage House is the only sect you can join after having already joined a different sect. Doing so will remove your old cantrips and sect titles.

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