Chispin's Handbills

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Chispin's Handbills
Province Therengia
Town Therenborough
Map Ranik's Map 42
Owner Chispin
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Trader shops
This store only accepts Lirums

[Chispin's Handbills]
Elegant in its simplicity, the print shop is filled with tables which are set against the bare brick walls. Fine, handwoven mats have been laid upon the floor, protecting the granite from the heavy furniture. Beyond a stone counter lies a small printing press, fairly new-looking and well cleaned. Bottles of ink are lined up nearby, their acidic smell heavy in the air. A reinforced ironwood door provides the only entrance. You also see a thick paned window, Chispin and a printed sign.

ASK Chispin about Market Certificates or Coupons to purchase those products.

A printed sign reads:

Handbill advertisments specifically designed for traders!
Please ORDER the type of handbill you wish by its number. Each stack includes 25 copies beginning at a price of 2500 lirums.
(Note: you must have earned the title before you may receive a title option with that name! Any trader may order Caravan Specialist.)

 Number   Style of Paper     Title Options           Price

   1        crimped        Caravan Specialist         2500
   2        bleached       Caravan Specialist         2550
   3        watermarked    Caravan Specialist         3000
   4        crimped        Commodity Investor         2500
   5        bleached       Commodity Investor         2550
   6        watermarked    Commodity Investor         3000
   7        crimped        Professional Furrier       2500
   8        bleached       Professional Furrier       2550
   9        watermarked    Professional Furrier       3000
  10        crimped        Expert Lapidary            2500
  11        bleached       Expert Lapidary            2550
  12        watermarked    Expert Lapidary            3000
  13        crimped        Merchandise Broker         2500
  14        bleached       Merchandise Broker         2550
  15        watermarked    Merchandise Broker         3000
  16        crimped        Expeditious Auctioneer     2500
  17        bleached       Expeditious Auctioneer     2550
  18        watermarked    Expeditious Auctioneer     3000