Baronial Tournament Arena

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The Baronial Tournament Arena is found in in the southern part of the city of Therenborough. Included in the area are an archery field and jousting field with accompanying viewing stands, a practice field with jousting tools and pavilion with free food & drink.

Area Descriptions

[Baronial Tournament Arena, Arcade]
Granite cobblestones laced with flecks of silver pave the arcade passing beneath a majestic alabaster arch leading the way towards the Barony's Tournament Field. Brightly colored pennants, magnificently flapping in the slightest breeze, sport the blue and gold colors of Therenborough artfully interspersed with the crests of famous champions of the Morzindaen.
Obvious paths: east, southeast.

  • The arch takes leads to Theren streets.

[Baronial Tournament Arena, Feat of Archery]
Broken bow strings and pieces of shattered arrows lie strewn across a field trampled to hardened clay from countless displays of battle prowess with various ranged weapons. One side of the field is dedicated to archery competitions, while the other is flat and devoid of any obstacles except a long bench for waiting contestants. An occasional ribbon wafts down from the nearby viewing gallery, littering the ground with a festive splash of color.
You also see a vibrant red target, a royal blue target and a small stone arch.
Obvious paths: southwest, northwest.

  • The arch leads to the viewing seats.

[Baronial Tournament Arena, Archery Practice Field]
Rough-hewn poles form a tall stockade fence, which surrounds the field to keep wild animals from adjoining woods out and stray arrows safely within its boundaries. Lined up a distance away from well-used targets, furrows scar an otherwise flat landscape, a memorial left from practicing archers trying to find their perfect stance. Placed within a circle of stumps is a weathered wooden table that provides a rustic spot for instructors and students alike to discuss future adventures.
You also see a torn orange target, a faded green target and a battered yellow target.
Obvious paths: northeast.

[Baronial Tournament Arena, Arcade]
Set to one side of the cobble-stoned arcade, a large alabaster statue pays homage to the animals that have brought their riders fame in the joust. Boxwood forms a ring at its base, the green hedge softening the stark white of the stone as well as discouraging children from attempting to climb its smooth surface. Periodically, a melodic chirping can be heard from songbirds playfully hiding their identities amongst the frilly-needled pines growing together to form a screen in front of the practice field.
Obvious paths: east, west, northwest.

[Baronial Tournament Arena, Practice Field]
Well-beaten dirt paths circle the field, flowing in an oft-traveled route between fence, pole, wall and post. Angled slightly from its most recent attack, a battered quintain dressed to resemble a rather tipsy looking marauder stands in the middle of the course. Brightly painted splinters from shattered lances lie scattered amidst the branches of neatly trimmed hedges hemming the field.
You also see a rack.
Obvious paths: southeast.

On the rack
Item Price Done
blunted lance 100   
jousting lance 100   

[Baronial Tournament Arena, Arcade]
Standing guard through the evening, a pair of tall steel braziers contain blazing fires that wage war against the darkness. Crickets hide from view, forming an audience that cheers on a battle between night's nocturnal veil and the raging sword-like flames determined to defeat it. Shadows dance between a wide wooden arch leading to the royal gallery and a dimly lit tent, where overworked pages socialize while they finish off chores assigned to them by their champions.
You also see the Knight's Pavillion and a refuse crate.
Obvious paths: east, west.

  • The arch leads to the viewing seats.

[Baronial Tournament Arena, Knight's Pavilion]
Amidst the clamor of competition, this spacious tent provides a place to rest and recoup between bouts. Several field chairs await the champions whose souvenirs of competition need delicate tending, while refreshments for keeping up one's strength and spirits are provided on a cloth-covered sideboard. Near the entrance flap, a small collapsible table stands on rickety legs, bearing the Field Marshall's thick book of cheques.
Obvious exits: none.

On the cloth-covered sideboard
Item Price Done
silver bowl filled with plump red strawberries dusted with powdered sugar 0   !!
platter of tiny roast quail in an apple brandy sauce 0   
gold foil lined bowl of chocolate covered coffee-beans 0   !!
round bottle of fine Elven brandy 0   !!
crystal bowl filled with spiced Maurauder punch 0   !!
brass-banded cask filled with a pale golden Gwenalion ale 0   !!
small pot of spiced lemon tea spiked with a splash of apple brandy 0   !!
tall glass pitcher of fresh spring water 0   
several bottles of Therengian red wine 0   !!
platter filled with wild mushrooms stuffed with crabmeat 0   !!
tray of sweet apple tarts sprinkled with cinnamon 0   !!
shield-shaped steel pot of steaming Knight's Virtue tea sprinkled with brown sugar 0   !!
striped paper bag of fried pork rinds 0   !!
fine porcelain plate filled with open-faced rare roast beef sandwiches topped with dollops of spicy mustard 0   !!

[Baronial Tournament Arena, Jousting Field of Honor]
The occasional call of a lonesome owl breaks the stillness of night as flames from tall braziers at the field's entrance cast a formidable shadow over the double fences of the jousting lists. Stray ribbons flutter and tumble across the ground, their once vivid colors now pale reminders of the day's victories. Young squires pass silently through the darkened field gathering up the few discarded lances that are repairable before shuffling toward the armory with their night's workload tucked under one arm.
You also see a lance rack.
Obvious paths: west.

On the lance rack
Item Price Done
brass-capped tournament lance painted with royal blue and gold striping 150   !!!!
blunted lance festooned with royal blue and gold satin ribbons 150   !!!!