Fit for a Baron

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Fit for a Baron
Province Therengia
Town Therenborough
Map Ranik's Map 42b
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Armor shops, Shield shops, General shops
This store only accepts Lirums

[Fit for a Baron, Display]
Hanging high from the opaque ceiling are bright lights that glint off the armor displays. Tapestries and heavy curtains cover the ironwood walls while plush snowbeast fur rugs line the marble floor. Stands line the walls and mannequins fill the corners of the room. You also see a carved door, a brass mannequin with ruby eyes with some stuff on it, a swan shaped armor stand with some stuff on it, a silver mannequin with some stuff on it, a dragon shaped armor stand with some stuff on it, a bronze mannequin with some stuff on it, a horse shaped armor stand with some stuff on it, and a red armor stand draped with ivory spidersilk with some stuff on it.

On a brass mannequin
Item Price Done
dark sheath with a prominent ruby shaped into a budding rose 20,000   
wide sword belt with platinum studs and star rubies riveted in an alternating pattern 100,000   
highly polished ceremonial battle plate with leaf-patterned layers of gold filigree 200,000   
redwood sheath wrapped with twisted platinum wiring 50,000   
On a swan shaped armor stand
Item Price Done
great helm adorned with a pair of twisting platinum horns 120,000   
pair of gauntlets with platinum spiked cuffs shaped like curved fangs and claws 70,000   
great helm topped with a silver crown and pure white swan feather plumes 50,000   
kite shield adorned with ornamental platinum prongs shaped like horns 86,400   
polished steel plate with silver-dusted pauldrons 200,000   
pair of silver gauntlets with pure white swan feathers dangling from the cuffs 24,000   
dark leather ceremonial belt braided with blue nightsilk ribbons 50,000   
On a silver mannequin
Item Price Done
ceremonial war shield embellished with lapis lazuli and onyx 50,000   
set of ceremonial plate armor with storm grey enamel overlaying the chest 102,000   
mirrored helm with strips of storm grey enamel over the visor 20,000   
set of mirrored gauntlets with storm grey enamel adorning the cuffs and palms 20,000   
On a dragon shaped armor stand
Item Price Done
well-oiled leather sheath stamped with raging dragons locked in combat 9,450   
double-wrapped leather sword belt with platinum plates hanging from spiral chains 65,000   
set of ceremonial war plate with mother-of-pearl dragons adorning the breastplate 90,000   
polished sallet shaped like a dragon's head with bright fire opal eyes 65,090   
set of polished gauntlets with dragon winged cuffs 12,000   
heavy steel shield shaped into the likeness of a dragon's head 50,000   
On a bronze mannequin
Item Price Done
blued chain coif with brilliant garnets crowning the top 10,000   
ceremonial blued chain mail embellished with brilliant garnets 75,000   
pair of blued chain gloves with brilliant garnets embellishing the knuckles 7,500   
ceremonial chainmail robe embellished with silver-edged plates 8,9000   
set of chain handguards with mother-of-pearl trim 5,000   
polished oval shield with a silver boss trimmed in mother-of-pearl 21,000   
On a horse shaped armor stand
Item Price Done
royal purple silk-wrapped sheath highlighted with faceted diamonds 30,000   
lustrous ceremonial plate with obsidian chips hammered into the image of a warhorse 90,000   
ceremonial battle shield with obsidian chips hammered into the image of a warhorse 100,000   
pitted ironwood sheath adorned with obsidian and diamond chips 30,000   
On a red armor stand
Item Price Done
chain balaclava crowned with a solitaire marquis-cut emerald 90,000   
set of silvery ceremonial chain with side seams of ivory spidersilk 60,000   
silvery chain coif with ivory spidersilk framing the face opening 30,000   
set of silvery chain gloves with ivory spidersilk intertwined through the links 30,000   
leather-tooled sheath adorned with an ivory spidersilk seam 30,000