Cedric Gealeranendae

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Cedric Gealeranendae
Status: Historical Figure
Guild: Unknown
Race: Unknown
Gender: Male

Educator and magician who helped to establish the Imperial College of Elemental Magic and the GCMH.

Artwork & Depections

In Ibec Hall in Theren

Carved in pristine marble is the famed educator and magician Cedric Gealeranendae. In the frightening times following the Guardians' intervention in the War of Tears, Gealeranendae was instrumental in reviving the widespread usage of magic, through both diligent research and teaching. His efforts helped to establish the Imperial College of Elemental Magic, and the GCMH. Cedric reverently clasps a scroll in his hands.

In Gealeranendae College

A bust is found on the top floor at the end of the hallway:

The bust is of a distinguished elderly lord with a slim beard and spectacles. There is writing at the bottom of the bust.
A plaster bust reads:
Lord Cedric Gaeleranendae, Founder and Revered Teacher