Stolen from the Moons (3)

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Stolen from the Moons
Event Rarely available
Owner Garnaal
# of Rooms 10
Store Type Jewelry shops, Music shops, Siegery shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

For information about moonsilver, go to one of the following pages: Moonsilver or Garnaal.

Once Fallen

[Stolen from the Moons, Once Fallen]
Swags of pale moonsilk drape from the middle of the room, creating a tent-like atmosphere. Plush rugs cover the floor from end to end, muffling the sound of footsteps. Soft pillows make a pile against one wall and add to the lush feeling of comfort. A round table stands alone in the middle of the room, a thick candle centered on it.
You also see a rounded moonsilver sign.
Obvious exits: north, out.

A rounded moonsilver sign reads:

Welcome to my shop.
~  The metal is imbued with a miniscule amount of light from the moons.  It is pretty, not practical.
~  I will not be telling you how I make it, so do not ask!
~  While everything is limited, not all of everything will be put out at once.
~  If you do not like my prices, get out.
~  I may or may not be doing alterations, as always, I will not use anything from my shop to change your items.
In the lined chest (which is on a polished round table)
Item Price Done
pair of delicately etched moonsilver zills edged with inkdrop agates 3,157,000   
large moonsilver harp embellished with chaos chalcedony 92,680,500   
luminous moonsilver lap harp inlaid with ice sapphire flowers 28,232,600   !!
slender moonsilver flute patterned with lilac diamonds 10,030,240   
In the jewelry tray (which is on a polished round table)
Item Price Done
bold torque of twisted moonsilver tiers gypsy-set with chaos chalcedony cabochons 6,990,500   !!
whimsically ornate moonsilver wire necklace threaded with inkdrop agate beads 5,953,200   
crescentic moonsilver necklace fringed with strands of lilac diamonds 5,682,600   
weighty moonsilver knight's chain formed of endless knots 6,314,000   

Blue Moon

[Stolen from the Moons, Blue Moon]
Flowing blue silk hangs down the walls, catching the light from the single lantern dangling on a long chain from the center of the ceiling. The blued glass has been cut with stars, casting their shapes onto the fabric. A round, deep blue rug holds a ring of pedestals.

Obvious exits: north, east, south, west.

On the petite pedestal
Item Price Done
sleek blued moonsilver pivuh with luminous feathered wings 7,847,400   !!
rotund blued moonsilver panda patterned with nightfire opal 8,027,800   
glossy blued moonsilver-ringed octopus 7,811,320   
coiling blued moonsilver finned imenka 8,569,000   
On the narrow pedestal
Item Price Done
vivid blued moonsilver game-bag 14,973,200   
sleek blued moonsilver mesh duffel 22,126,060   
rippled blued moonsilver wire satchel 17,462,720   No
blued moonsilver pack 15,694,800   

Red Moon Rising

[Stolen from the Moons, Red Moon Rising]
Sanguine-hued silk enclosing the area eerily reflects light from the many candles spaced around the room's edges, with each small fire encased in swirled black and red glass. Any shift of the fabric gives the illusion of blood and shadows running down the walls. Pedestals of blackwood share space on the center of the octagonal rug.

Obvious exits: north, east, south, west.

On the short blackwood pedestal
Item Price Done
playful crimson moonsilver fox with comically oversized ears 4,059,000   
crimson moonsilver arboreal salamander speckled with golden eldrings 10,373,000   No
malevolent blight bat constructed from crimson moonsilver 7,667,000   
chubby crimson moonsilver red panda with a long ringed tail 10,373,000   No
On the thin blackwood pedestal
Item Price Done
delicate crimson moonsilver chain handflower threaded with tiny eldrings 5,863,000   !!
crimson moonsilver bracer banded with midnight onyx 5,412,000   
narrow crimson moonsilver bracelet inlaid with night-black zephyr hearts 4,149,200   No
beaded crimson moonsilver bracelet accented with black gold 4,059,000   No

Special Selections

[Stolen from the Moons, Special Selections]
This section of the pavilion is done in pure white, needing very little light to keep the room lit. A few candles flicker from their holders on the wall, the metal painted to match everything else. Three pedestals flank a dressmaker's dummy, all of which rest upon a snowy, plush rug.

Obvious exits: north, south.

On the delicate silverwood pedestal
Item Price Done
elaborate moonsilver earcuff graced with Elamiri sapphires 4,149,200   
luminous veil of verdant and blued moonsilver lace 7,216,000   
series of multihued moonsilver rings 5,637,500   No
hexad of moonsilver monocles of varying sizes 10,598,500   
On the slender silver pedestal
Item Price Done
miniature Taratochs the Skullcleaver figurine wrought from lambent moonsilver 8,569,000   
miniature Glazhn Ofnor figurine garbed in a blackened moonsilver cassock 9,155,300   !!
miniature King Heksoch figurine mounted on a crimson moonsilver donkey 9,471,000   
miniature Loomfinger Gwolth figurine wielding a crimson moonsilver lyre 12,447,600   
On the short mistwood pedestal
Item Price Done
barber's diamond-hide razor strop accented with multihued moonsilver striping 4,780,600   No
trio of verdant moonsilver dragons with vivid versicolored wings 8,118,000   
chainmail beard protector fashioned from multihued moonsilver links 6,539,500   No
wild assortment of multicolored moonsilver keys 11,049,500   

Moon Drops

[Stolen from the Moons, Moon Drops]
Pearl-hued silk creates a backdrop to faceted drops of crystal that hang from thin wires across the ceiling. They catch and refract any light in a rainbow of colors, aided by the carefully placed candles around the room. A trio of crystalline pedestals group in the center of an octagonal rug of white fur.
You also see a polished moonsilver sign.
Obvious exits: south.

A polished moonsilver sign reads:

~  These items are purely for use as fodder to help prevent you heathens from destroying my works of art.

~  These items cannot be used for that silly crafting business.

~  If you don't like the price, don't buy it.
On the jagged crystalline pedestal
Item Price Done
tiny blob of luminous moonsilver 992,200   No
tiny brick of blackened moonsilver 1,668,700   No
tiny cylinder of verdant moonsilver 2,796,200   No
tiny bar of lilac moonsilver 1,894,200   No
tiny cube of blued moonsilver 1,443,200   
tiny globe of crimson moonsilver 1,443,200   No
On the faceted crystalline pedestal
Item Price Done
small brick of blackened moonsilver 7,982,700   No
small cylinder of verdant moonsilver 13,620,200   
small blob of luminous moonsilver 4,600,200   No
small globe of crimson moonsilver 6,855,200   
small cube of blued moonsilver 6,855,200   No
small bar of lilac moonsilver 9,110,200   
On the smooth crystalline pedestal
Item Price Done
medium brick of blackened moonsilver 15,875,200   
medium globe of crimson moonsilver 13,620,200   
medium cube of blued moonsilver 13,620,200   No
medium bar of lilac moonsilver 18,130,200   No
medium blob of luminous moonsilver 9,110,200   No
medium cylinder of verdant moonsilver 27,150,200   No

Darkness Falls

[Stolen from the Moons, Darkness Falls]
Black silk lines the walls, billowing slightly whenever it's caught by a breeze to create ever-shifting shadows and light. Two sconces offer just enough light to see the wares displayed on the redwood pedestals. A small rug woven to resemble intertwining black vines covers the floor.

Obvious exits: north, east, northwest.

On the short redwood pedestal
Item Price Done
wide blackened moonsilver ring displaying a magnificent candlelight-cut svelae 2,660,900   
blackened moonsilver band boasting an intaglio Elamiri sapphire signet 2,706,000   
blackened moonsilver band set with a large smoke ruby 2,570,700   
blackened moonsilver ring brush-set with countless volcano's heart citrines 5,186,500   
On the slender redwood pedestal
Item Price Done
fluted crescent of blackened moonsilver with rays displaying smoke rubies 4,329,600   
blackened moonsilver helix channel-set with Elamiri sapphires 4,239,400   
blackened moonsilver beard mouse 4,239,400   
blackened moonsilver lace dotted with faceted volcano's heart citrines 6,765,000   

Burgeoning Moon

[Stolen from the Moons, Burgeoning Moon]
Starting with a pale sea green at the top and darkening to a nighttime forest green at the bottom, the heavy silk draping this area barely stirs despite movement within. Evenly spaced, four square lamps light a pair of carved glaes pedestals that sit firmly in the middle of the room.

Obvious exits: east, south, southwest.

On the engraved glaes pedestal
Item Price Done
iridescent shaving kit of zigzagging verdant moonsilver and tempest sapphire 25,436,400   
vanity case of verdant moonsilver inlaid with crimson sapphire persimmon flowers 33,464,200   !!
verdant moonsilver grooming case inlaid with sunstar jasper leaves 25,256,000   
verdant moonsilver vanity case checkered with violet amber squares 29,766,000   No
On the carved glaes pedestal
Item Price Done
floral verdant moonsilver nose ring linked to a matching earring 6,765,000   No
sizable tempest sapphire anchor shrouded in verdant moonsilver seaweed 6,494,400   
handful of tiny verdant moonsilver and violet amber beads 6,584,600   
simple verdant moonsilver chain with tiny sunstar jasper hoops 6,404,200   

Flowering Moon

[Stolen from the Moons, Flowering Moon]
Lavender silk as fine as a mist drapes down from above, fluttering with any breeze, either caused by movement within or outside forces. A single round globe holding a candle dangles in the center of the room just above a plush rug of dark purple. Resting to either side of the light are a pair of platinum pedestals, their contents displayed upon the polished surfaces.

Obvious exits: northeast, southeast.

On the polished platinum pedestal
Item Price Done
flower-like mask layered with lilac moonsilver petals 6,629,700   No
tranquil mask featuring a lilac moonsilver water lily 5,953,200   No
smooth mask of lilac moonsilver 12,628,000   !!
abstract lilac moonsilver sea urchin mask 10,824,000   No
On the petite platinum pedestal
Item Price Done
school of luminous lilac moonsilver fish 6,314,000   No
braided strands of lilac moonsilver threaded with absinthe emeralds 5,863,000   !!
lilac moonsilver hair fork tipped with a lightning amethyst 4,600,200   No
trio of delicate lilac moonsilver fairy slipper orchids 5,953,200   

Raffle Collection

[Stolen from the Moons, Raffle Collection]
Alternating panels of black and white silk create the walls of this large room. A rug of soft black cashmere runs between eight tables of different sizes and shapes. The mismatched tables form two lines and are set far enough apart to allow even a Gor'Tog to walk around them. Over each surface hangs a bright lamp, serving to light the items on display.

Obvious exits: south, west.

On the silver table
Item Price Done
silver token 500,000   
A silver voucher reads:

~This voucher is redeemable for three (3) armor alterations with up to three (3) different types of moonsilver and three (3) types of gems used in Stolen from the Moons and provided by Garnaal.~ Please email DR-KAARINA@PLAY.NET to redeem this voucher. All items must be completed by April 6th, 2015, this voucher is null and void after that date!

won by Syrreneo (out of 200 sold)
On the round table
Item Price Done
gold token 500,000   
A gold voucher reads:

~This voucher is redeemable for one (1) weapon alteration and one (1) shield alteration with up to three (3) different types of moonsilver and three (3) types of gems used in Stolen from the Moons and provided by Garnaal.~ Please email DR-KAARINA@PLAY.NET to redeem this voucher. All items must be completed by April 6th, 2015, this voucher is null and void after that date!

won by Eliach (out of 199 sold)
On the icesteel table
Item Price Done
black token 500,000   
A platinum-hued note reads:

"This is a custom set of siegery figures designed and made by Garnaal. This set is based off the story of the Rose Maiden."
a heavy moonsilver repair case with an embroidered shoulder strap containing a miniature Rose Maiden's Cavern crafted from blackened moonsilver, a miniature Dwarven huntress figurine wrought from verdant moonsilver, a black ironwood steam-pressurized catapult banded in blued moonsilver, a miniature Dwarven lady figurine wrought from lilac moonsilver, a miniature Dwarven maiden figurine wrought from blued moonsilver, a miniature Cordhvirae Stonesekker figurine holding a thorny white sapphire rose, a miniature Dwarven damsel figurine wrought from blackened moonsilver and a black ironwood and lilac moonsilver steam-driven dirigible.

won by Galear (out of 194 sold)
On the niniam table
Item Price Done
red token 500,000   !!
A red card reads:

"An outfit for real men with beards or maybe some of those women-folk with beards. The pouch holds a selection of five (5) different gems for use in the jewelry, which is socketed."
a striking silverweave vest with a vivid chromatic moonsilver overlay containing an auburn-hued khaddar greatcoat with a crimson moonsilver-embellished cape, a knotted argent-striped cravat with an empty gem setting, a dark silverweave jewelry pouch with a prismatic moonsilver mesh overlay, a moonsilver gentleman's ring with a hollow setting, a two-tone wire earring of lambent moonsilver, a fine blue-grey silk shirt pinned at the cuffs with square moonsilver buttons, some auburn-hued leather boots trimmed with crimson moonsilver, and a pair of stylish farandine trousers dyed night black. Came in a dark silver mouse-shaped backpack

won by Mhikal (out of 195 sold)
On the glaes table
Item Price Done
blue token 500,000   
A blue card reads:

"An outfit for girly types. The pouch holds a selection of five (5) different gems for use in the jewelry, which is socketed."
a black bourde jewelry pouch richly embellished with prismatic moonsilver beading, a peacock-blue dergatine frock coat fastened with blackened moonsilver buttons, a lacy ecru blouse pinned at the throat with a fine moonsilver brooch, a filigree necklace comprised of blued moonsilver strands, a pair of two-tone leather ankle boots with luminous moonsilver spool heels, a moonsilver chainmail handflower resembling a luminous peacock feather, a diamond-front black dergatine belt adorned with blackened moonsilver filigree, a prismatic moonsilver anklet sprinkled with fluted glass beads and a midnight green bourde skirt flaunting blued moonsilver-beaded petticoats. Came in a blue-black backpack

won by Carme (out of 194 sold)
On the silversteel table
Item Price Done
sea-blue token 50,0000   
A sea-blue note reads:

"This is a custom set of siegery figures designed and made by Garnaal. This set is based off the story of Warlord Membrach."
a sturdy blued moonsilver repair case with a broad-buckled shoulder strap containing a steam-powered crimson moonsilver printing press, a blackened moonsilver smelting furnace with a kertig crucible, a miniature Kwarlog built from an amalgamation of lambent moonsilvers, a miniature Dwarven bludgeoneer figurine wrought from blackened moonsilver, a miniature Dwarven enforcer figurine wrought from crimson moonsilver, a miniature Dwarven axeman figurine wrought from verdant moonsilver, a miniature Membrach Longnose figurine crowned in verdant moonsilver and a miniature Dwarven halberdier figurine wrought from blued moonsilver.

won by Zemon (out of 197 sold)
On the moonsilver table
Item Price Done
tarnished token 500,000   
A silver card reads:

"This case holds six (6) twenty (20) stone bars, one (1) of each type of moonsilver. They are for use in alterations and will not work with that fancypancy crafting stuff."
a glass-topped mikkhalbamar case secured with a prismatic moonsilver clasp containing a large cylinder of verdant moonsilver, a large bar of lilac moonsilver, a large brick of blackened moonsilver, a large globe of crimson moonsilver, a large cube of blued moonsilver and a large blob of luminous moonsilver

won by Camwolf (out of 197 sold)
On the platinum table
Item Price Done
platinum token 500,000   
A platinum voucher reads:

~This voucher is redeemable for one (1) skinning knife alteration and one (1) parry stick alteration with up to three (3) different types of moonsilver and three (3) types of gems used in Stolen from the Moons and provided by Garnaal.~ Please email DR-KAARINA@PLAY.NET to redeem this voucher. All items must be completed by April 6th, 2015, this voucher is null and void after that date!

won by Shenney (out of 202 sold)

[Stolen from the Moons, Antechamber]
A low moonsilver table sits in the center of the area surrounded by plump white velvet pillows. Lamps edged with verdant moonsilver vines are spaced at even intervals around the ceiling. Hanging from a heavy blackened moonsilver chain is a miniature moonsilver house, complete with glass windows and a wraparound porch. A silvery curtain creates an opening in one wall.
You also see a lilac moonsilver list.
Obvious exits: north, west.