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The Depth Shapers are what Kermorians would call life sculptors, these are shapers of calcium bearing sea forms, such as corals, tubeworms, and various shells. They are primarily artists, often showcasing their work in live performances. Their work comes in all sizes, from wearable trinkets to magnificent architecture. While they closely guard the secret of this variant of life sculpting, they are egalitarian with respect to the style of art it is used for, and are very excited for cultural exchanges with Kermorians. There are whispers that Depth Shapers of exceptional skill are able to work metals into their designs, and make particularly deadly weapons and armors, though this is frowned upon, as failure can render a Shaper unable to ever work again.

Vestaet spreads her hands and gestures as she speaks. "Rising tides, growing mollusk, bending kelp. Crab claw and dolphin jaw. None alike, but all the same. In all the forms, an expression of what nature wants. We study this, and in study, coax it into yet more beauty. Merelew buildings seek to be of the sea, we adorn ourselves of the sea, and is only the beginning. In the showing is nature, is becoming. We share, we learn, we shape. Is curious to learn of your designs, your forms. To my Depth Shapers, they are different, but in all things, beauty, no?"

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