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Opportunity Broker Petret
Prime Status: Alive
Race: Merelew
Gender: Male
Location: Andreshlew


With his rich, golden-scaled hands, brilliant cut obsidian and platinum choker, and elegant silk robes, Petred is dressed in the finest the seas and trade caravans have to offer. He scans the crowd, seemingly evaluating everyone, and his eyes gleam as he returns your inspection.



HE 443

Petret wrings his hands and says, "Much of value was lost -- knowledge, space, wares, coin, lives." He absently rolls a coin between his fingers, lost in thought. Apparently the conversation is over.

Previous HE

Petret wrings his hands and says, "Shame really, misguided designer and lost creature. What a market, and much lost with the catastrophe. Tsunami brings the sea to the land, and the land back to the sea -- both benefit after the chaos, the trade providing opportunity for new growth, new building, new materials! But the spider, only destruction. Is hear that you dry-landers build with its body-metal? Call body-metal tomiek? Interesting. You dry-landers are bold, make deals where maybe deals not considered by Merelew. But we Red Fan Traders, we travel, we trade, where other see problem, we see solution."

Petret rolls a coin over his hands, letting the coin rest in webbing between his thumb and forefinger. Suddenly flicking his fingers apart, the coin is flung into the air where he promptly snatches it in one clean motion and proffers an ear to ear grin. "How is say, money makes world go round? We see opportunity in disaster, is think with dry-lander help, everyone can win and is work together to heal oceans, yes?"


Petret states, "We are the Red Fan Traders. Merelew are big...many...peoples, make many things, consume many things, but nothing matters to be made or consumed if not getting to right place. We keep the records of the exchange, and seek mainlander Elves along rivers, trade for many useful things. Oceans deep and full of bounty, but hard to get some things. Kingdom run for people, but people need directing, and nothing directs people like the promise of better tomorrow. We glad King Galpelus raise Andreshlew and open borders, very excited for trade. Only in trade can Merelew prosper."


Petret spreads his hands wide and exclaims, "Merelew are smart, swim well and approach math with same space understanding. We see well in the dark, so we see shiny thing best. Metal is shiny, gems too. Dry-lander loves shiny, no? Merelew see value in many things, shiny, metal, weaving, meat. We survive the ocean's trials because we see opportunity to do so!"


Petret jingles some coins in his hands as he says, "Small, isolated, but rich and always of the sea. Andreshlew is much, and can be more. We Red Fan Traders know how to make it more, and you -- new friend -- can help. Together we can prosper, yes?"


Petret stands straighter and tilts his head to the side, considering the request. He says, "You are [ranking] to me, dry-lander."