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Aluna's Protector Iaxet
Prime Status: Alive
Race: Merelew
Gender: Female
Location: Andreshlew


Eyes a milky white, Iaxet is completely blind. Old and bent, she wears a simple robe, and her wrists and ankles are adorned in a simple blue band of ink. She tilts her head to one side and seems to look directly at you. Smiling, she beckons for you to approach.



HE 443

Iaxet speaks without facing you directly. "Aluna has aided us in ridding the worst of the corruptions brought by the abomination. Other trials demand our attention -- the Voidgazers and the threats they herald are a danger to us all."

Previous HE

Iaxet speaks without facing you directly. "Pah, abomination, gift from divine corrupted by mainlander negligence. Only in faith can we save our seas, for only a loss of faith could have led to the spider. We seek Aluna and work to help her in purification of poison embedded in her depths. We seek the other twelve, that they set right what was wronged. Mainlanders do not know of the sea, but do know of the Immortals, and only they know how to make right. Seas are ever changing, and we must be the balance that rights the wrong. Mainlander Immortals similar to ours, and we learn from you how to best restore faith in Aluna and the others."


Iaxet stares at the ceiling while she speaks. "To place trust in Aluna and the divine is the calling of the Supplicants of the Tide. The seas are kept in her embrace, for she is the moonlight streaming through the kelp on the ocean floor, the silvery moon-kissed crests of waves in the dark. Aluna is of the Merelew, and as we are of her, we must keep her faith, hold her in our hearts. Only in faith can we be of the water, the wave returning to the sea that it may once again strike upon the shore. If Merelew forget Aluna, the wave is lost."


Iaxet leans on the table for support as she speaks. "Merelew are strong, beautiful, molded as Aluna to be one with her domain, her chosen. Mainlander not bad, but always a step from her grace, gliding atop her sea on boats, not breathing of her waters."

Iaxet grins slightly before continuing, "Of course, we are also stubborn and fickle. Must be reminded, must be guided like school of fish. Always darting this way and that. But Aluna sees our hearts, and understands that we may dart, but we always return."


Iaxet says, "Glorious, is it not? It has been long since I saw, but Aluna assures that our artists paint with her breath, shaping harmony and majesty in her name. Is tend to Andreshlew as tend to the seas, remembering always that Aluna's glory is to be celebrated and protected."


Iaxet stands straighter and tilts her head to the side, considering the request. She says, "You are [ranking] to me, dry-lander."