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Preserver of Balance Kixfa
Prime Status: Alive
Race: Merelew
Gender: Female
Location: Andreshlew


Dressed in a simple robe dyed in greens and blues, Kixfa stands in silent repose with her webbed hands clasped behind her back. Her eyes shift to the nearby tanks, and she smiles softly to herself.



HE 443

Kixfa says, "The balance of the sea is still in question, though closer now than your previous visit. Perhaps that which was non-life made life can attain death afterall." She shrugs. "Other matters now to focus on, other cycles of life, death and more."

Previous HE

Kixfa says, "The sea is out of balance. Crashing spider not of the balance, is non-life made life that cannot die, in non-death spider angry, sea angry."

Kixfa snarls, her gills fluttering angrily before continuing, "Is insult to sea, to balance, to remove from cycle. That is why spider destroy the sea, as nothing balanced about non-life made life that cannot die. Dying is part of living. Is hope that you can help us ease spider to peaceful death."


Kixfa licks her lips and draws a breath. "Ocean is not safe place, never safe, but in knowing ocean, can survive, be part of, and most important, protect. Great knowledge and great wisdom in the sea -- tiniest shrimp cleaning the gills of the shark, the whale that dives into the abyss, the kelp creeping along the shallows. If know how to use the sea, to live within, much can be learned. We are the Trickling Sun, tenders of the seas who see that they in turn may protect and tend to Merelew. All is cycle as intended, the tide and the migrations and the secrets of creatures that never see the light of the sun or moons, and we listen. Mainlander ecologies strange to us, similar. The mountain, the forest, is balance of its own. Our hope to learn more of your balances, that we best care for ours."


Kixfa points at herself and says, "Is Merelew, part of balance. Is live in the sea and our job is to understand and nurture. We eat of the sea, and one day, will die, and the sea will eat of us. Until then, we tend to the balance."


Kixfa gestures towards the tanks on the walls. "Beautiful, no? Home to many creatures who come for shelter, come to live and come to die. Is tend to all, and Andreshlew flourishes."


Kixfa stands straighter and tilts her head to the side, considering the request. She says, "You are unknown to me, dry-lander."