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Transmuter Zaenen
Prime Status: Alive
Race: Merelew
Gender: Male
Location: Andreshlew


Hands constantly clenching and unclenching as if in search of something to disassemble, Zaenen wears a simple sarong and a low hanging satchel. His arms are crisscrossed with numerous burns, and a discolored scar mottles the left side of his face. His eyes shine with intelligence, and he smiles as he notices your attention.



HE 443

Zaenen says, "Our members have studied most of the recovered remains. As yet, we have not discovered the mechanical or magical means of changing metal to shell-metal. Most curious, and study continues, but the vast corruption it brought to our waters is greatly diminished. No longer is it a driving focus."

Previous HE

Zaenen says, "A curiosity, no? We do not know of the magics that could shape metal to shell-metal. I am not sure we want to, though it is interesting to think about. Rumors say the spider was once solid metal with machines inside, powered by great fires and organized steam. This we understand, for what is the great forging if not pressure and heat? The shell-metal is called tomiek, no?"

Zaenen holds a small pouch of dried seaweed between his fingers and with a quick motion, he *snaps*! A brilliant burst of blue flame covers his hand without any evidence of burning! Zaenen summons a blast of air, extinguishing the flame, and fans his unburnt webbed fingers for show, smiling at you. "This we will understand, for all metal bends eventually, and all problems have solutions."


Zaenen scratches his chin before speaking. "A problem in all things and a solution to all problems. This is the Inverted Crucible, the ingenuity of the Merelew using of the sea and our mind to solve all problems. The sea is full of material to be purified, baked in fire, distilled in steam and transformed in acid. Merelew sick? Medicine to be purified. Merelew fight to protect Andreshlew? Metal to be smelted. We are craftsfolk, weavers, smiths, alchemists and engineers. We look forward to learning your solutions."


Zaenen inclines his head as he says, "We Merelew are well suited to the seas, our hands strong and our minds sharp. We seek the deep waters and tide pools alike, search the seas for solutions and make solutions where sea has none. Within Inverted Crucible, fire is lit and change occurs, and so too in Merelew must fire be lit and change occur. Only in solution can problem be overcome, and Merelew will solve all problems."


Zaenen sagely recounts, "In all solutions, elegance. We work with Merelew to make Andreshlew shine with answers. City built and planned, medicines to heal, metals forged, nets woven, Merelew made and ready to lead. In all problems, our answers."


Zaenen stands straighter and tilts his head to the side, considering the request. He says, "You are [ranking] to me, dry-lander."