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Merchants and Traders, the Red Fan recognize opportunity for profit in all things and keep the wheels of Merelew society turning efficiently. While historically profit was not a central drive for the Merelew, increased exposure with drylanders led to an increased desire for profit. The Red Fan works tightly with all the other clans, and due to their politicking and wealth, were the strongest advocates of opening Andreshlew's borders for more outside trade. They excel at math, and only a fool would try and haggle with a Red Fan Trader!

Petret states, "We are the Red Fan Traders. Merelew are big...many...peoples, make many things, consume many things, but nothing matters to be made or consumed if not getting to right place. We keep the records of the exchange, and seek mainlander Elves along rivers, trade for many useful things. Oceans deep and full of bounty, but hard to get some things. Kingdom run for people, but people need directing, and nothing directs people like the promise of better tomorrow. We glad King Galpelus raise Andreshlew and open borders, very excited for trade. Only in trade can Merelew prosper."

Faction Movement

Earned by raising your ecosphere at the Seat of Unification once you reach a certain level of standing and defeat a Drogor avatar.

First Person You (move type) (direction), wafting a briny aroma of exotic fragrances amidst the trill of a mechanical music box.
Third Person Leaving Player (move type)s (direction), though a sea-salt scent lingers.
Third Person Entering Player just arrived, wafting a briny aroma of exotic fragrances amidst the trill of a mechanical music box.

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