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Form Shaper Vestaet
Prime Status: Alive
Race: Merelew
Gender: Female
Location: Andreshlew


Vestaet is well dressed in beautifully cut robes, her hands dyed a deep crimson, and a spiral of coral pierces her wide ears. She smiles as she notices you looking at her and sweeps her arm in a graceful bow.




Vestaet says, "Form was wrong, was made but living but not living. Studied many of its remains, we have. Interesting lessons learned, mistakes to avoid as well. Enough, though. Great spider has passed, other matters now."

Previous HE

Vestaet says, "Is not like anything else, made but living but not living. Spider not often size of mountain, no? Is matter of form. The form of the spider is wrong, and the seas know this. In all things is form, and when form is wrong, wrongness follows. We are students of form, of all forms, and in correcting the form of the spider we will make our greatest art."

She produces a small shell and holds it in her cupped hands. Before your eyes, the shell ripples like water and changes rapidly. Spikes elongate and swirl, it blossoms through a rainbow of pulsating hues, and finally it settles into the form of a tiny scuttling crab. Just as swiftly, it reverts to a simple shell. Vestaet smiles and says, "In all things the form, and knowing the form is to know all things."


Vestaet spreads her hands and gestures as she speaks. "Rising tides, growing mollusk, bending kelp. Crab claw and dolphin jaw. None alike, but all the same. In all the forms, an expression of what nature wants. We study this, and in study, coax it into yet more beauty. Merelew buildings seek to be of the sea, we adorn ourselves of the sea, and is only the beginning. In the showing is nature, is becoming. We share, we learn, we shape. Is curious to learn of your designs, your forms. To my Depth Shapers, they are different, but in all things, beauty, no?"


Vestaet glances at the other representatives nearby. "Tall of back, strong of arm, sharp of mind, deep breathing and keen of eye. We swim of the seas and are of its waters. We are of form of Aluna, the form of the sea, and there is no beauty like us."


Vestaet smiles and looks around as she says, "We have guided Andreshlew to beauty, and you can see our work everywhere. The span of the streets like the spines of the shell, the coral arches like the curve of the eels tooth. It took ages, but Andreshlew is beauty of form for our listening and shaping."

Standing (0)

Vestaet stands straighter and tilts her head to the side, considering the request. She says, "You are [rating] to me, dry-lander."

Standing (600)

Vestaet stands straighter and tilts her head to the side, considering the request. She reaches for your ecosphere and closely inspects it. At last, she says, "Ceryaen has tallied your deeds in service of the Depth Shapers at 600.

Vestaet says, "Ah. A fine Initiate Shaper you are, [name]."
[You've unlocked a new title! It can be found in the TITLE PRE LIST GENERIC category!]
[You can lose access to it if you support another faction and lose standing with the Depth Shapers.]

Form Shaper Vestaet hands you a pendant of chitin scrimshawed with the symbol of the Depth Shapers. She solemnly says, "This is a great gift, [name]. It is a gift of the seas, but also unique to you and a symbol of the respect the members of the Depth Shapers have for you. It may seem simple, but it may also be of use to you in future visits. Treasure it if you might return to us some day. Do not ask for another if you lose it, for it is equally as disrespectful as asking for another ecosphere."