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Saelihn Sari’sanost
Status Active
Race Elf
Gender Female
Guild Empath
Instance Prime



Tourniquet Saelihn, an Elf.
She has a triangular face, a light dusting of silvery powder sprinkled over her pointed ears, some radiant Gemfire ruby sunset dahlias limned in gold drawing attention to exotically tilted starry silver eyes, a vibrant indurium nose stud forged to resemble a blood drop accenting a classical nose and dimples accented by a pair of Gemfire rubies. Her niveous hair is knee length and curly, and is worn in an elaborate braid coiled into a knot and held by a solitary thornweave dusk rose loosely furled around a trio of tiny pitch pearls. She has ebon skin stained with labyrinthine spirals in dusky dewberry glitter and a curvaceous figure.
She is tall for an Elf.
She is young.
She has a pair of dark haon rings piercing the flesh at the far corner of her right eyebrow. Tiny browallia flower carvings encircle each narrow hoop, the wood's natural grain adding tinges of dark blue to the star-like blooms.
She is wearing a long black spidersilk shroud, a delicate gold necklace displaying a magnificent Gemfire ruby, a fine silk haversack, a thornweave crafting satchel set with a perfectly preserved shrike's bounty blossom, an ebon thornweave caftan with flared sleeves, a twilight sapphire and platinum ring, a golden finger claw, an ornate alerce ring, a delicate spiraling crystal ring and a pair of bronze silk slippers with sleek blackthorne heels.


A child of Mulgamo Cugis and bearer of the reeds upon the great salt lake, Saelihn was the youngest of eleven born to the Sari’sanost family. With both parents elderly by her coming-of-age, and most of her siblings married off, she had the luck (or misfortune, her elder sisters often lamented), of escaping a uniting. The harvest moon hovered, fat and yellow, in the sky six times with nary a whisper of her dowry, nor, in her indulgence, did her mother groom her in the coy steps to the dance maidens toiled over before the festivals. She inevitably learned them, as a young chit copying her sisters would, and they would ply their mother and father ceaselessly for the reason why Saelihn was not presented, time and time again, for this most vital of milestones. The answer never came, but it seemed to them that their parents clung more tightly to little Saelihn after each heated inquiry.

Aware of the mounting tension within her family, Saelihn made herself scarce whenever she wasn't needed in the reed beds or at home, taking herself on adventures through the hamlet or tending animals she came upon in her travels. She found she had a talent for healing and applied herself to the various intricacies involved (primitive as they were in Velaka), in curing anything from a snake bite to broken limbs and other common maladies. After her parents died her siblings only became more persistent, intent on seeing her wed and in her proper place within an advantageous household. This, inevitably, drove her from the comforting embrace of her home, though by that time she was very much ready to experience more of the world.


  • Sari’sanost translates to "Life Holder" in Ilithic.
  • Most aligns with Eylhaar


(Must have all the things)

Shimmer Shack (4)

Turialo's Haven (9)

Tildi's Faire Flowers (2)

Natural Beauty (1)

Damsel In This Dress (4)

Silken Seams (2)

Limited Treasures (1)

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