Natural Beauty (1)

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Natural Beauty
Event Hollow Eve Festival 410
Owner Cereia
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Jewelry shops, Clothing shops, Container shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Natural Beauty, Sales Floor]
Thick tapestries depicting a dense, wild forest surrounding a picturesque glade cover the walls, each blending seamlessly into the next. Furthering the outdoorsy feel, the ceiling here has been painted to resemble a cloudless summer sky at noon complete with a gaethzen sun positioned directly in the center. Several fanciful tables dot the room, every one cleverly incorporating life-like sculptures of various fae creatures into their designs. A fresh floral scent permeates the space, radiating outward from the many potted plants positioned between the wares.
You also see a large white ironwood sign painted with frolicking dryads, an exquisite glitvire dress stand shaped like a dancing dryad with a lavishly embroidered deep blackberry thornweave ballgown on it, a green alerce armoire fitted with several elaborate locks, a raffle display with several things on it and a white alerce arch.
Obvious exits: none.

A large white ironwood sign painted with frolicking dryads reads:

"Gowns on the dress stand are limited to ten sales each.  
Two of each design can be purchased per family because I do so adore gifting!  
I shall put out a new design after the current one has sold out.  
Worry not, dearies! ~ Cereia"  
(OOC:  Gowns are limited to two per account, per gown.)

On the colorful osage table held up by twin sprite statues
(Shimmer and color change)
Item Price Done
shimmering wrist purse of yellow chiffon atop pale silk 10,824   
shimmering wrist purse of violet chiffon atop dark silk 10,824   
shimmering lavender jaalmin reticule embroidered with dragonflies 45,100   
shimmering reticule of bright red cire suspended from beaded cords 36,080   
shimmering sky blue leather purse crafted into a sleek cylinder shape 27,060   
shimmering green brocatelle purse patterned with wildflowers 27,060   
On the low acacia table carved to resemble several sprites carrying a tangle of vines
Item Price Done
closed-toed sandals decorated with plumed agate leaves 18,040   
thin-strapped sandals held by swirling charoite buckles 180,400   
sandals with spiraling decorative straps beaded in Reshalian tourmaline 451,000   
pair of cream-hued slippers with low arkose sandstone heels 9,020   
pair of bronze silk slippers with sleek blackthorne heels 9,020   
pair of dainty slippers with carved glitvire heels 36,080   
pale melon jacquard wrap woven with curling ivy 30,668   
celestial blue eolienne wrap capped at each end with wide bands of cream silk 360,800   
narrow silk scarf dyed bright cerise with a pattern of snowy anemones 4,510   
orchid purple scarf of heavily embroidered pebbled silk crepe 3,608   
tangerine voile shawl beaded with pale blue svelae 270,600   
freesia yellow shawl of openworked lace edged in gemfire velvet 270,600   
On the small goldenoak table carved to resemble a grinning sprite holding a spray of leaves
Item Price Done
glaes necklace dangling alternating gold and silver charms on short chains 360,800   
necklace of glided sea urchin spines and ammolite waves upon tiers of golden chain 72,160   
twisted oravir necklace fashioned to resemble wisteria vines 902,000   
pair of filigreed earrings set with molten-core diamonds 902,000   
pair of earrings crafted from midnight onyx spheres and looping silver strands 451,000   
pair of small golden hoops suspending several thin iahja crystals 1,804,000   
series of brightly enameled bracelets held together by gem-set bands 27,060   
wide iroko bracelet carved with birds in flight 180,400   
diamondique bangle channel-set with lava sphalerites 721,600   
platinum ring set with an oblong twilight sapphire 180,400   
green gold ring bearing twin plumed agates 90,200   
dainty band with a trilliant cut viperscale alexandrite surrounded by diamonds 63,140   

On the exquisite glitvire dress stand shaped like a dancing dryad
Item Price Done
In the green alerce armoire fitted with several elaborate locks
FORMER, now not available limited editions
Item Price Done
lavishly embroidered deep blackberry thornweave ballgown 2,706,000   
trailing gown of brilliant oceanic blue cire washed with a stormy iridescence 3,833,500   
opulent gown of vanilla silk swept with ginger and sorrel hues 13,530,000   
lush sirese blue silk gown with sheer butterfly sleeves 270,600   
pale lilac ballgown set with a pair of delicate jeweled songbirds at the throat 1,488,300   
argent scalene gown showcasing a slim skirt cut with a daring fringe effect 1,804,000   
winter gown of vermillion armure with a high lace collar 631,400   
elaborate off-the-shoulder gown of thistle-hued satin layered with beaded lace 13,530,000   
airy gown of pale gold marquisette and virid silk 1,443,200   
single-strapped gown of lustrous titian cire with smoky embellishments 1,172,600   
high-waisted gown of raw eolienne accented with a vivid poppy red sash 6,765,000   
dramatic plum gown gathered at the shoulders by silver melir blossoms 451,000   
azure ballgown with a corseted top and cascading tiers of gossamer skirting 2,706,000   
vibrant persimmon damask ballgown split to reveal pale saffron skirts beneath 405,900   
eye-catching soft pastel gown of sheer spun glitter atop silk charmeuse 856,900   
softly flowing gown of burnished copper silk and rich honey-hued jaspe 4,059,000   
peridot icesilk gown with an intricate bodice adorned by platinum and heliotrope 3,157,000   
diaphanous gown of wisteria mistsilk with a cascading spun glitter floral motif 902,000   
whimsical dress of bamboo patterned marblesilk 315,700   
sapphire cire court gown with a sweeping bustled train of peacock feathers 1,894,200   
silky gown inset with a central panel of jacinthe and soft primrose jacquard 6,314,000   
sanguine shadesatin gown displaying a plunging back strung with jeweled chains 3,202,100   !!
backless orchid scalene gown with an empire waist and a pooling court train 2,706,000   
midnight black dergatine evening gown adorned with shrike's bounty blossoms 4,510,000   
demure white rosecloth dress dappled with cream and ivory 3,247,200   
stately amaranthine bourde gown cut to reveal a dark silken kirtle beneath 4,961,000   
strapless gown of translucent Albarian lace over twilight thornweave 2,255,000   
striking marquisette gown elaborately adorned with beading and raven feathers 856,900   
dress of silvery moonsilk softly draping atop a pale scalene sheath 1,510,850   
cerise jaalmin gown with a slinky trumpet silhouette completed by a brush train 2,706,000   
somber onyx-hued mourning gown sparsely adorned with darkstone and jet 2,372,260   
glacial blue sheath dress with long sheer sleeves and a sharply plunging neckline 874,940   
cloud grey duchess satin gown with a silver-chased opal centered upon the neck 1,758,900   
jewel-necked evening gown of blush eolienne adorned with talan pearls 1,912,240   
muted turquoise gemfire velvet bliaud embellished with golden Elven lace 3,833,500   
princess-seamed gown created from pale cinnamon silk with golden accents 360,800   
sinuously clinging off-the-shoulder gown dyed in a gradient effect 3,382,500   
On the raffle display
Item Price Done
The clerk pats a ledger and says, "I can only allow each family to purchase 1 item from a raffle display. Looks like this is your last."
small token 451,000   
A scallop-edged card reads:
"The clothing and jewelry upon this display are warded so that they may be seen and not stolen. The entire set will be awarded to one lucky person just before the grand auction near the end of the festival! Simply purchase a token for a chance to win. There is a limit of one purchase per family, and you must be present at the drawing in order to win. May fortune smile upon you! ~ Cereia"
pair of emerald chandelier earrings embellished with white glaes -   
filigreed necklace bearing an iahja crystal and Ilithi emerald dragonfly pendant -   
enameled ivy leaves washed with a brilliant iridescence -   
voluminous alabaster gemfire velvet cloak hemmed in a cascade of vert leaves -   
pale slippers edged in gemfire velvet -   
pallid silken reticule -   !!
strapless gown of celadon silk woven with shimmering threads of emerald green -   
  • This room was opened for a limited time only and all items were very limited*

[Natural Beauty, Event Room]
Painted to resemble a nighttime garden, the metal walls seem to almost disappear beneath the layered colors. Swirled blues and purples adorn the blackened ceiling, blending down to brush the tops of the foliage with their velvety embrace. Tiny, glowing pieces of gaethzen dot the mural, from fireflies amongst the flowers to stars laboriously placed to recreate constellations, providing a diffuse but adequate source of light by which to examine the many elaborately carved displays. You also see a very important-looking white alerce sign, a zulnatha garden bench with a couple of things on it, a miniature tree made from copperwood and silk with several things on it and a sana'ati statue of a pale Elven woman with a couple of things on it.
Obvious exits: east.

A very important-looking white alerce sign reads:

"Please look on every sales surface and read the notations left on each.  
Limitations in availability and restrictions per family vary between the different goods significantly, so please do be mindful.  
~ Cereia"

On the shoe display carved from green alerce to look like a large bush
Item Price Done
pale yellow slippers adorned with cloudstone flowers at the ankles 1,443,200   No
pale raw silk slippers with narrow rows of heliotrope buttons 2,255,000   No
tea-tinged lace slippers decorated by tiny ulhari prisms 4,510,000   No
rich auburn watered silk slippers atop carved iroko heels 1,804,000   No
emerald-strewn golden silk slippers with sharply pointed toes 1,804,000   No
A small note reads:
"These shoes are limited to a total of 20 for sale, and each family may buy up to two pair of them. ~ Cereia"
On the whimsical lacewood slipper display crafted to look like a playful puppy dragging a blanket in its jaws
Item Price Done
delicate slippers of sky blue cire shimmering with pale iridescence 135,300   
red-gold jacquard slippers embellished with orichalcum 135,300   No
aubergine slippers woven in a floral pattern 135,300   No
ankle-tied slippers of sirese blue spun glitter 90,200   
dark slippers with tall heels of amethyst and platinum 135,300   
A small note reads:
"These shoes are limited to a total of 20 for sale, and each family may buy up to two pair of them. ~ Cereia"
On the lacquered wiirwood footwear display fashioned to appear as some decorative rocks
Item Price Done
molten orange duchess satin slippers with gem-strewn laces 766,700   No
slippers with lacquered driftwood heels inset with tempest sapphires 541,200   
champagne pink and pale lilac diamond adorned slippers with kitten-style heels 541,200   
silvery leather slippers embossed with a scale pattern 496,100   
smoky silver lace slippers held by ruby red ribbons 180,400   
A small note reads:
"These shoes are limited to a total of 20 for sale, and each family may buy up to two pair of them. ~ Cereia"
On the zulnatha garden bench
Item Price Done
high collared samite robe bearing elaborate floor length sleeves 4,510,000   
A golden plaque reads:
"This robe is very special to me, as it was the last piece on which Fritha and I worked together. There are but five total of them, and each family may purchase only one due to this. ~ Cereia"
On the miniature tree made from copperwood and silk
Item Price Done
tall glaes tiara with wickedly curved spires tipped in red 856,900   
sleek golden tiara set with absinthe emeralds 1,353,000   No
ornate platinum tiara swept with tempest sapphires 1,804,000   No
glittering tiara carved from a single piece of pink diamond 2,706,000   !!
thin icesteel tiara decorated with frost opals 856,900   
A parchment leaf reads:
"These glorious tiaras were crafted by Fritha from designs I sketched. There are but 20 of them total, and each family may buy two. ~ Cereia"
On the sana'ati statue of a pale Elven woman
Item Price Done
dazzling watersilk court gown bearing a profusion of svelae droplets 36,080,000   No
A piece of engraved bronze reads:
"This gown is the only one of its kind. Fritha and I worked on both the design and the execution in tandem. May it be as meaningful to you as it is to me. ~ Cereia"
On the small boot display resembling an overturned garden pail
Item Price Done
glossy onyx-hide leather boots 135,300   !!
thick leather boots with alshabi stone and kertig buckles 766,700   
A parchment card reads:
"These boots match the pants and outerwear here. They are limited to 10 total sales, and each family may buy two pairs. ~Cereia"
On the painted ironwood pants display carved into the shape of a flowerbed
Item Price Done
pair of thornweave trousers with platinum accents 1,804,000   !!
pair of charcoal grey pants made from farandine 2,074,600   No
A piece of parchment reads:
"These pants match the boots and outerwear here. They are limited to 10 total sales, and each family may buy two pairs. ~Cereia"

On the menswear display shaped like a shrike's bounty bush complete with red-enameled flowers
Item Price Done
farandine greatcloak held with an elaborate kertig clasp 4,510,000   No
blackberry thornweave longcoat fettered by diamonds 2,706,000   
A vine-carved placard reads:
"The outerwear on this display matches the boots and pants here. They are limited to 10 total sales, and each family may buy two. ~Cereia"