Turialo's Haven (9)

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Turialo's Haven
Event Premium Mini Festival 418
Owner Turialo
# of Rooms 3
Store Type Jewelry shops, Clothing shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Turialo's Haven, City Market]
A large mural covers the back wall of the room that gives the impression of a bustling marketplace, with the rest of the wagon being decorated to resemble a market stall. Wares for sale are lined up neatly, positioned to transition seamlessly from the background. Several lanterns hang from the roof, providing a good amount of light in the windowless wagon.
You also see a wagon door, a sparkling wooden crate with several things on it, an ebonwood shelf with several things on it, a silk-draped table with several things on it and a large sign that you should READ.
Obvious exits: east, west.

A large sign reads:

"The jewelry on the crate is designed to be worn on S'Kra Mur crests,
while the gems are designed to enhance your skin, fur, or scales."

On the sparkling wooden crate
Item Price Done
elaborate watersilk ribbon threaded with multiple silver pins 225,500   !!
series of lightning amethyst studs linked with fine silver chains 405,900   !!
set of polished damite rings linked with emerald-studded bars 721,600   !!
set of silver studs adorned with tiny scorpion diamonds 270,600   !!
dainty silver chains linked together by rainbow sapphire studs 216,480   !!
blackened steel studs adorned with serpent's head sapphires 360,800   !!
set of polished steel rings studded with blue diamonds 162,360   !!
"with [item] accenting a flexible ridged crest which follows the shape of her skull"
On the ebonwood shelf
Item Price Done
lustrous muracite haircomb adorned with chalcedony stars 234,520   !!
lightly sanded ebony haircomb adorned with inkdrop agates 360,800   !!
pale ivory haircomb decorated with nightfire opals 631,400   !!
burnished animite haircomb set with tiny rubies 1,082,400   !!
polished electrum haircomb studded with blue hawkseye gems 189,420   !!
lustrous anlora-avtoma haircomb edged with white diamonds 153,340   !!
elaborate silversteel haircomb studded with teardrop crystals 405,900   !!
These affect your hairstyle.
On the silk-draped table
Item Price Done
black onyx gems 153,340   !!
yellow-orange citrine gems 130,790   !!
green tsavorite gems 130,790   !!
purple amethyst gems 126,280   !!
red moonstone gems 162,360   !!
fiery red gems 135,300   !!
white opal gems 126,280   !!
"She has [adjective] [skin/scales/fur] accented by some [description] gems."

[Turialo's Haven, City Lights]
The walls of this wagon are painted with a sprawling mural of a distant city at night. Numerous windows are lit up with torchlight hues, highlighting the silhouettes of many buildings. In the center of the city is a shining castle, with stone walls surrounding it that are reinforced with towers and trebuchets.
You also see a silver jewelry tree with several things on it, a muslin-draped shelf with several things on it, a wide table with several things on it and a large sign that you should READ.
Obvious exits: east.

A large sign reads:

"The items on sale here are designed to accent your features.
On the tree, the items will accent your facial features, while the items on the table will accent your build or figure.
Finally, the gems on the shelf are designed to accent skin, scales, or fur."

On the silver jewelry tree
Item Price Done
ornate Elven silver earcuff adorned with ivy vines 162,360   !!
spiraling earring that twines around a hematite teardrop 153,340   !!
polished pearl earring set with tiny fae wings 135,300   !!
steel spectacles with moon-shaped lenses 157,850   !!
pair of silver spectacles with rectangular lenses 153,340   !!
pair of heart-shaped spectacles 144,320   !!
pair of jade earrings carved into ivy leaves 153,340   !!
pair of silver earrings dangling stormfire topazes 1,082,400   !!
pair of clear crystal earrings 153,340   !!
slender silver earring cuff speckled with amber stars 153,340   !!
On the muslin-draped shelf
Item Price Done
set of tiny lustrous sapphires 144,320   !!
tiny plum garnets 153,340   !!
set of tiny faceted iolites 148,830   !!
cabochon malachite gems 144,320   !!
set of tiny blood rubies 207,460   !!
set of sparkling zircon gems 126280   !!
set of vibrant green absinthe emeralds 225,500   !!
set of vividly pink fluorite gems 135,300   !!
"She has [item] accenting [adjective] [skin/scales/fur]."
On the wide table
Item Price Done
sleeveless red tunic with gold edging 171,380   !!
slender goldweave tunic adorned with pearl buttons 315,700   !!
fine blue satin tunic studded with white diamonds 171,380   !!
figure-hugging red sleeveless gown 180,400   !!
white satin gown with a mermaid skirt 162,360   !!
fine purple evening gown crafted from crushed velvet 180,400   !!
black nightsilk gown decorated at the collar with star sapphires 270,600   !!
tight-fitting damask shirt adorned with golden dragons 162,360   !!
fine Velakan linen shirt edged with kunzite buttons 405,900   !!
thin jacquard shirt adorned with sky opals 225,500   !!
accentuates your build/figure

[Turialo's Haven, City Streets]
Lamp posts decorate the walls of the wagon to line both walls, and distinctive cobblestone covers the floor. Windows with a muted glow behind them decorate the walls, giving the room plenty of light. The end of the wagon is painted to resemble a blind alley, with a life-sized portrait of a cloaked figure skulking about in the shadows.
You also see a section of metal fencing with several things on it, a wooden barrel with several things on it, a shadowed table with several things on it and a large sign that you should READ.
Obvious exits: west.

A large sign reads:

"The gems on the table are designed to accent dimples.
On the fencing are items designed to accent noses, tails, and eyes.
The barrel has handfuls of glitter that will accent your skin, but will be gone once you remove it."

On the section of metal fencing
Item Price Done
damite eyebrow ring adorned with a cabochon adderstone 1,082,400   !!
polished silversteel eyebrow ring set with a purple crystal 811,800   !!
ornate platinum eyebrow ring adorned with a black diamond 541,200   !!
polished ebony tailband adorned with tiny sheets of mica 252,560   !!
spun glass tailband with alternating hues of pink and purple 234,520   !!
lustrous tailband made from elegantly braided gold wire 360,800   !!
thin leather tailband adorned with silversteel buckles 1,082,400   !!
slender gold nose ring studded with pink sapphires 270,600   !!
electrum nose ring adorned with a tiny orange-red morganite 315,700   !!
dark steel nose ring adorned with an eventide moonstone 405,900   !!
On the wooden barrel
Item Price Done
green glitter 4,059   
black glitter 7,216   !!
sunshine yellow glitter 5,412   !!
gold glitter 4,059   !!
orange glitter 3,608   !!
white glitter 2,255   !!
red glitter 2,706   !!
rainbow-hued glitter 3,157   !!
purple glitter 4,059   !!
blue glitter 4,510   !!
temporary skin adornment
On the shadowed table
Item Price Done
pair of lightning amethyst beads 631,400   !!
pair of dark seordstone talons 225,500   !!
pair of draconic opals 360,800   !!
pair of star diopsides 135,300   !!
pair of tiny blue gold beads 721,600   !!
pair of faceted red crystals 144,320   !!
pair of tiny lustrous sapphires 153,340   !!
accentuates your dimples