Tildi's Faire Flowers (2)

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Tildi's Faire Flowers
Event Shard Theater Faire 419
Owner Tildi
# of Rooms 3
Store Type Clothing shops, Jewelry shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Tildi's Faire Flowers]
Pale silver silk drapes from a carved silverwood center pole, while more round beams, each one carved with twining vines, are spaced equally around the area to create space. Hanging down are a dozen glass fireflies, their rainbow-hued bellies holding candles that cause the light to refract against the walls in a dazzling array of colors. Shelves are set up circling the tent, spaced to give shoppers plenty of room.
You also see a silver stand with a couple of things on it and a silk tent flap.
Obvious exits: north, east.

On the silver stand
Item Price Done
flower preservative potion 902   
"This potion will help preserve not only your flowers but their scent."
On the carved shelf
Item Price Done
seaglass mask embellished with bits of brightly colored coral 135,300   
smooth-featured porphyry mask covered in bright green fairy moss 135,300   
sculpted river nyad mask with placid features and spiky cattails for hair 135,300   
ghostly white jackal headdress decorated with delicate Eylhaar wing orchids 135,300   
"The items on this surface are intended to conceal the wearer's features."
These masks don't merely hide your features. They replace the feature section with something fancy.
On the polished shelf
Item Price Done
fragrant orangewood basket lined in vibrant blue-green bourde - Contains: flower preservative potion x3, sculpted windsteel bracer graced with delicate acenite blossoms, whirl-cut spring emerald. 207,460   
woven lemonwood basket with a tall handle wrapped in grapefruit pink ribbons - Contains: flower preservative potion x3, tiny winged flutertae shaded in a riot of prismatic hues, fluffy floral-printed hand towel edged in coral pink ribbon 315,700   
sunflower yellow watersilk foraging satchel - Contains: flower preservative potion x3, tapered jade pestle tinted spring green, rounded jade mortar tinted spring green petite Wayerd Pyramid shaped like a flowering rose bush 243,540   
oblong Ilithic applewood basket lined with inky purple silk - Contains: flower preservative potion x3, pretty glass bottle of Tildi's Apple Blossom Tipple, trio of silvery hairpins shaped like tiny apple blossoms 378,840   
magnolia-white spiritwood basket with a ribbon-wrapped handle - Contains: flower preservative potion x3, pristine magnolia-white spiritwood compendium, creamy white woolen scarf patterned with narrow evergreen stripes 288,640   !!
spacious canvas gardener's tote - Contains: flower preservative potion x3, long canvas gardening apron painted with bright tropical flowers, hibiscus-red parrot-beak pruning knife 9,020   !!
"Please use caution when choosing your container, as some of the baskets can appear quite similar at first glance. There are assorted items within each container, and I do so hope you enjoy the selection! ~ Tildi"
On the smooth shelf
Item Price Done
pallid moonsilk ribbon embroidered with tiny violet-blue hepatica flowers 76,670   
twilight-hued glass charms swaying from darkened silver filigree chains 30,668   
scintillating firesilk ribbons pinned with showy sun's glory flowers 67,650   
tiny star-shaped sweet woodruff flowers shaped from brilliant white sapphires 57,728   
spiraling liana vine flowering with delicate blossoms in faded hues 41,492   
gilded birdcage chain strung with colorful clusters of silken lantana blooms 49,610   
On the silver shelf
Item Price Done
pair of lacy moss agate hairsticks topped with feathery astilbe flowers 58,630   
long stalk of prismatic lupine blossoms dappled with pale silver glitter 31,570   
richly shaded moon lily twined around a crescentic silver hair-clasp 72,160   
polished blackthorn hair-spike wrapped in sheafs of vivid indigo flowers 40,590   
gracefully curved hairstick topped with vibrantly hued golden flag blooms 45,100   
duo of stately gentian flowers tinted an intense azure 36,080   


[Tildi's Faire Flowers, Petals]
Layers of overlapping silk petals form the walls on this side of the tent, helping to give the impression of being inside a huge flower. Golden stamens sprout from the highest point of the ceiling, their tips crafted from yellow glass and filled with candles to create light. Placed in the center of the room to best make use of the soft glow from the lights are three metal stands.

Obvious exits: south.

On the silver stand
Item Price Done
pale pink firesilk hhyssk'et blossoms threaded upon a gilded chain 27,060   
long midnight-black velvet ribbon studded with pale silverbow flowers 31,570   
translucent saffron-striped scarf trimmed with fire-red scorpion blossoms 36,080   
trailing chain of fuzzy white and golden yellow dandelion heads 22,550   
"The items on this surface are designed for our shoppers with ridged crests!"
On the gold stand
Item Price Done
arrangement of anlora-avtoma starflowers 45,100   !!
delicate lace scraps fashioned into sprigs of baby's breath 40,590   
shimmering clusters of dewdrop lace stitched from spidersilk 36,080   
bunch of long-stemmed heaven's wing carved from creamy white agate 31,570   
"The items on this surface are designed to enhance our shoppers skin, fur and scales!"
On the platinum stand
Item Price Done
amaranth-hued jacquard ribbon woven with lacy blooms 13,530   
spiraling cedar tailband sprouting water hawthorn blossoms 22,550   
silken chain of incarnadine heartsblood trillium 18,040   
simple tailband made from silvery wirework forget-me-nots 27,060   
"The items on this surface are designed for our shoppers with tails!"

Sea Flowers

[Tildi's Faire Flowers, Sea Flowers]
Silk hued to match that of the sea on a summer's day forms the ceiling and walls of this corner of the tent. Dangling from the polished wooden supports are tendrils of fabric dyed and cut to look like seaweed floating in the ocean. Gleaming wooden tables are set up at angles to each other, their surfaces lightly polished to best show off their wares.
You also see some small cloth padding.
Obvious exits: west.

On the driftwood table
Item Price Done
tiny spiny pufferfish mottled in shades of aqueous blue 225,500   
flamboyant cuttlefish flaunting multiple arms tipped in luminous glitter 225,500   
matte white nautilus with shimmering bands of glitter painted on its shell 225,500   
little weedy seadragon made up of numerous rainbow sapphires 225,500   !!
glittering sea nettle bloom sculpted from iridescent black glass 225,500   
miniature mimic octopus fashioned from scraps of garishly patterned cloth 225,500   
speckled blue-grey narwhal with unicorn lilies coiled around its horn-like tusk 225,500   
plump bittersweet-pink sea slug patterned with narrow gold stripes 225,500   
"These whimsical creatures are enchanted to float around you, orbiting particular parts of your body! Each of these items will message differently from the one beside it, so take care with these unique ocean inhabitants!"
On the polished table
Item Price Done
intricate sailor's knot earring composed of intertwining kelpbell blossoms 27,060   
selmor rose in full bloom surrounded by an assortment of glittering jewels 99,220   
iridescent covellite nose stud set with a tiny water lily 90,200   
delicate wirework half-mask made up of intertwining dustanjis flowers 45,100   
On the wooden table
Item Price Done
ombre watersilk scarf pinned with a magnificent cloissone Eluned's glory 36,080   !!
slender twelve-strand palladium necklace made up of tiny moss campion flowers 135,300   
pair of glistening waterfall earrings overflowing with vibrant watermist roses 90,200   
watered steel chainmail handflower sprinkled with colorful crystal marshflowers 27,060   
thrice-wrapped pearl lariat linked with an iridescent white calla bloom 18,040   
thin driftwood bangle suspending a single brightly colored jadsem flower 9,020