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Re: Empath Researcher Salvur to Give Colloquium on Vela'tohr · on 08/31/2012 10:39 PM CDT 1049
Below is a clean copy of the log of tonight's lecture. I removed lines that were not dialogue or did not involve Salvur, Halfrida, or Zalmud (the GMNPCs).

Summary: The Empaths' Guild assigned Salvur to research the vela'tohr. Salvur presented his findings to anyone who wanted to listen. The vela'tohr are sentient, gregarious plants that are thought to retain some of the empathy that all Elanthians (since the First Empaths) are born with. Unfortunately, most of the vela'tohr (native to the woods near Asketi's Mount in Forfedhdar) are blighted, and as a result, they are mad flesh-eaters.

Salvur's life work has been to attempt to establish an untainted population. Unfortunately, the seeds that have been planted elsewhere fail to thrive without others of their kind. (The plant at the Temple is too traumatized to fill that role.) Salvur has a seed that he plans to give to K'Eksharo, the local Khalo rae Moda.

Salvur answered questions and solicited ideas from those in attendance.


You see Biomancer Salvur Siksa, a Human Empath.
Salvur has a square face with frown lines around his mouth, deep-set dark eyes and a crooked nose. He has thinning dark brown hair with a white streak running through it, with weathered skin and a stocky build.
He is short for a Human.
He appears to be venerable.

He is holding a slender ironwood walking stick topped with a heavy platinum knob in his right hand.
He is wearing a bone-white spidersilk shirt, a crocodile-skin buckler, a heavy platinum signet ring, a wide leather belt with a large platinum buckle forged in the shape of a Vela'Tohr leaf, a tooled leather belt pouch, a pair of fitted leather trousers and a pair of fine leather boots clasped with gleaming platinum buckles.

You see Khalo rae Aev Halfrida Hegaleth, a Human Empath.
Halfrida has a square-jawed face with frown lines around her mouth, wide-set ale-brown eyes and an upturned nose. Her black hair is shoulder length and curly with a white streak running through it, and is worn tied back in an elegant chignon held in place by a carved ironwood haircomb embellished with damaryn pearls. She has dark brown skin and an athletic figure.
She is tall for a Human.
She appears to be in her prime.

She is wearing a parry stick, a pair of soft-soled black leather slippers beaded with damaryn pearls, some snug dove-grey leggings with subtle charcoal piping along each seam, a silver lockpick ring, a leather hip pouch heavily-beaded in cambrinth with the image of a nightingale in flight, a polished leather belt with a throwing dagger hanging from it, an albredine crystal ring, a heavy silver signet ring bearing the crest of the Empaths' Guild, a pair of fitted gloves, a small hide buckler, a dove-grey silk shirt adorned with subtle embroidery, a supple leather haversack, a silver jadeite gwethdesuan, a silver kyanite gwethdesuan and a cowl crafted of heavy dove-grey silk.

You see Temple Hierarch Zalmud Jorham, Master of the Towers, a Human Cleric.
Zalmud has a proud yet hardened warrior's face with chiseled jawline and deep smile lines around his eyelids, steely grey eyes, a straight nose and a cleft chin. He has cropped raven-black hair, with fair skin and a burly build.
He is very tall for a Human.
He appears to be in his prime.
He is clean shaven.

He is wearing a polished steel helm crafted to resemble a clergyman's mitre, a courtly platinum-hued cassock clasped at the shoulder with a Crossing High Temple pin, a small steel shield embossed with the Crossing High Temple crest, some black leather gloves augmented with interwoven strips of polished steel, a wide sash woven from vibrant sanguine firesilk, a polished leather belt with a white ironwood-hafted mace hanging from it and a pair of knee-high black leather cavalry boots with platinum spurs.

Date: 1-2 Uthmor 406 (August 31, 2012)

[Temple Grounds, Garden]
A veritable forest of color explodes before you as the cobbled path comes to an end amidst this lush garden, blooms of every flower imaginable skirting the path. The vegetation here is oddly vibrant year round, as if bolstered by some subtle vein of life energy itself.
You also see a hairy dog-faced dirnel, an ivory alfar guardian, a jadice flower, a jadice flower, Gardener Eaadrich and a large vela'tohr plant.
Also here: Vicar Tenike, Diplomat Marssi, Healer Adept Kaeta who is sitting, Guard Chancellor Zynara, Navesi, Retired Commander Xixist, Charmer Brevalaer, Life Defender Antithosis, Highwayman Jobian, Uranjanvan, Guardsman Crupikte who is surrounded by a shimmering shield, War Healer Rufiagonif, Captain Belthazarr, Rose Seven-Star Historian Vansiil, Biomancer Salvur, Khalo rae Aev Halfrida, Eternal Seeker Kesava, War Witch Heartsfyre, Skaen, Gambler Osus, Soul Shepherd Kasrkyn who is shrouded in ghostly flames, Ambassador Cristalyn, Lost Altras, Intern Trovustein, Judge Levinas who is in a globe of blue fire, Divine Hammer Evro who is shrouded in ghostly flames, Sir Erieck, Doctor Squabbles who is sitting, Hodierna's Hand Ahnjel, Lavinius, Steel Fist Lyathe who is sitting, Thief Loreali, Court Advisor Valkri who is shrouded in ghostly flames, Butcher Mordibar, Hodierna's Hand Sharane, Visionist Miskton, Medic Morlen, Temple Hierarch Zalmud, Grand Inquisitor Liurilias who is shrouded in ghostly flames, Medical Examiner Scandi, Surgeon Naddja, Fatal Flame Meganlique, Nightmare Niktoahl, Soother Kalyndara, Dafo Zamara, General Klurn, Idora, Soultaken Irksome and Professor of Medicine Kammae.
Obvious paths: southwest.

Salvur asks, "Shall we begin? Let's all quiet down now, hmm?"

Mordibar says, "Course you can."

Naddja nods to Salvur.

Salvur says, "My voice is not used to this much exercise."

Kalyndara nods to Salvur.

Salvur clears his throat mightily.

Zynara grins slowly at Salvur.

Salvur says, "For those of you whom I have yet to meet, I am Empathic Researcher Salvur. Salvur Siksa."

Salvur smiles.

Salvur says, "It's a pleasure to meet all of you."

Naddja lets out a hearty cheer for Salvur!

Cristalyn nods politely to Salvur.

Ahnjel nods politely to Salvur.

Miskton nods politely to Salvur.

Kaeta nods to Salvur.

Salvur says, "Many years ago, the Modien, ah, assigned me a very difficult, very interesting research problem."

[Zalmud] "Join us for a lecture on the vela'tohr plant, in the Temple Garden. It is a fine evening to enjoy some time in the garden."

Kammae grins at Salvur.

Scandi angles her ears forward, gazing curiously at Salvur.

Salvur says, "The Modien, as you know, are the Khalo rae Moda, the true leaders of the Empaths' Guild."

Salvur smiles blandly.

Salvur says, "Halfrida there, is a Khalo rae Aev, a s -- er, a diplomat of sorts, courier and messenger."

Salvur says, "And the Khalo rae Wen are the guildleaders, Annael and her ilk."

Marssi smiles at Halfrida.

Salvur asks, "Where was I?"

Salvur grumbles.

Salvur says, "Ah yes, the Modien."

Salvur says, "When I was just a wee little slip of an Empath Researcher, I, ah, came to their attention, you might say."

Caraamon moves into the area, hunting down Zalmud.

Salvur says, "And they decided that I was uniquely qualified to study the vela'tohr plants. An example you see before you."

Salvur gestures at a large vela'tohr plant.

Salvur says, "If you concentrate upon the plant, you may sense extraordinary things about it."

Salvur reaches out and lays his hands upon the vela'tohr plant's stalk, closing his eyes in concentration.

Salvur grows silent, intently focusing his full attentions upon the vela'tohr plant. All seems well for a few extended moments, before a sudden wave of horror overtakes his countenance. He wrenches his hands free from the plant with haste!

> focus plant
You reach out and lay your hands upon the vela'tohr plant's stalk, closing your eyes in concentration.

You reach out with your mind, worming into the very center of the plant's spirit in an attempt to draw out information.

A sense of great despair is laden upon the spirit of the creature. A severe hissing noise overcomes your senses, much like the plant itself often emits -- this, however, sounds more like a grove with thousands of them. A feeling of loneliness seems to emanate from the plant-beast, although tinged with some relief.

Your senses continue to reach further -- through the plant and to the place of its origin. The hissing noise falls silent, as if the creatures have suddenly ceased to exist. You feel a tinge of conflicting Unlife energy wash through your bones, quickly wrenching your hands free from the plant.

Zalmud stares intently at the vela'tohr plant with wide, unblinking eyes.

A pained expression crosses Salvur's face.

Marssi gazes at Salvur.

Salvur says, "Empaths may sense its loneliness."

Levinas calmly says, "Its life magic."

Salvur says, "I do."

Salvur frowns.

Kesava says, "So can rangers."

Salvur says, "The plants are sentient, you see, and very gregarious."

Kammae says, "And more..."

Levinas calmly says to Zynara, "Nothing we can work with yet at least..."

Salvur says, "This one is lonely because all of its fellows have fallen sick, to a blight of some kind, down in the Vela'Tohr woods near Asketi's ... err, mount."

Salvur says, "The ones there have been dreadfully twisted."

Zynara nods to Salvur.

Salvur says, "Flesheaters, now, sentient but Mad, quite mad."

Salvur shudders.

Salvur closes his eyes for a moment and grows still. (Empath: perceive health)

Salvur says, "Lots of Empaths here."

Salvur smiles.

Scandi asks, "Are these the bloodvines you speak of?"

Salvur nods to Scandi.

Mordibar asks, "Do we know how long they have been mad?"

Zamara says, "Stay awake Velly."

Caraamon loudly asks, "What twisted 'em?"

Levinas calmly asks, "Whats it doing outside the Vela'Tor valley out west?"

Salvur says, "I'll answer questions, later."

Salvur says, "My narrative isn't quite complete."

Salvur chuckles to himself.

Xixist nods to Salvur.

Halfrida fixes Salvur with a frank, even stare.

Salvur asks, "Where was I?"

Scandi says, "Sorry i was just making sure i was tracking what you was saying."

Salvur leans on his stick.

Levinas calmly says to Salvur, "Apologies."

Squabbles says, "Flesheaters."

Zamara says to Salvur, "Mad plants."

Marssi smiles at Salvur.

Salvur says, "Ah yes. Well...all sentient things in elanthia, when they first come to be, are gifted or as some would have it, burdened, with a sliver of supernatural Empathy."

Salvur says, "This is quashed, normally, over the course of childhood and adolescence."

Salvur says, "But these plants, being intelligent and quite gregarious, it's thought that they might retain some of that Empathy. The untainted specimens."

Salvur says, "Thus the guild's interest in them."

Salvur says, "It has been my life's work to attempt to establish an untainted population."

Salvur says, "Thus far, I have had little success. We can take the seeds elsewhere and try to sprout them, but they fail to thrive."

Zalmud ponders.

Salvur says, "They need care, love, parents, as it were. Of which there are of course, none."

Salvur says, "Except this poor creature, which is I think too traumatized to properly fill that role."

Zynara raises an eyebrow in Salvur's direction.

Salvur says, "I have brought a seed with me from the woods."

Salvur says, "I plan to give it to K'Eksharo, the Khalo rae Moda here, to see if the researchers here can make inroads where I have failed."

Zalmud says, "An excellent idea."

Zalmud nods in agreement.

Salvur says, "Thus my errand here. I hoped if I spoke to a large enough audience, someone else might have some insights."

Levinas calmly says, "Take it back to Forfedhar and study it where it's native."

Tenike asks, "What about the remaining healthy plant near the willow tree in the valley? It is healthy, what if this plant, and that one were brought together?"

Salvur says, "I do not think the temple, or the Gardener, would spare this one."

Zynara quietly asks, "Have you tested the soil there, and seen if there is something intrinsic about it which keeps them healthy?"

Erieck asks, "Holy soil?"

Salvur says, "But I will try to answer your questions now, if you have any. One at a time, please. It has been quite a long time since I've seen so many people, and I must admit my head is swimming a bit."

Levinas calmly says, "I would start with the Vela'Tohr valley."

Tenike says, "There is still one out there.. it is.. lonely but.. healthy and unblighted."

Caraamon loudly asks, "What twisted em?"

Rufiagonif says, "Necromancy probably."

Belthazarr says to Caraamon, "Samatak and bad ale."

Klurn asks, "Ya say it's a smart plant then why not just ask it?"

Salvur says, "As to the blight, it's a matter of scholarly debate. Many things nearby are twisted similarly."

Zalmud chuckles at Belthazarr.

Xixist says, "I have heard rumors that Necromancy was the bringer of the blight."

Salvur says, "One would expect necromancy, but it might also be the wrath of a Dark Aspect."

Levinas calmly says, "I bet they are, this is Zoluren."

Scandi asks, "Allow the ranger guild to assist we are one with nature.....could we not have some insight?"

Loreali quietly says, "I think he meant one at a time, let him answer, then another one. Not everyone just ask one at a time all at once."

Zynara nods to Salvur.

Kammae says, "It is the Hunger..."

Miskton says, "I actually have a restrained specimen of one of the blighted plants, if anyone would like to observe it later. I think it would be unwise to release it anywhere near this one, though."

Valkri asks, "Where is the most pristine place someone could think of for trying to get this seed to grow?"

Salvur says, "Necromancy is, err, not my area of study."

Salvur glances at Zalmud.

Levinas calmly says, "The Vela'Tohr valley.."

Zalmud says, "I suspect it would stand to reason it might be Necromancy. It is a blessed creature, Holy in some way. I can feel this."

Zalmud stares intently at the vela'tohr plant with wide, unblinking eyes.

Salvur says to Valkri, "They seem to prefer peaceful, forested areas, abundunt with life and energy."

Salvur flashes a quick grin at Vansiil.

Belthazarr says, "Crossings ranger guild."

Belthazarr nods to Salvur.

Kesava says, "There's only about a thousand place like that around."

Salvur says, "I can certainly relay that thought to K'Eksharo."

Salvur smiles at Kesava.

Tenike says, "The dryads and nyads past the valley, in the marsh, wail of blight that cursed them, and presumably the vela'tohrs also..."

Salvur nods to Tenike.

Sarkranis asks, "If the vela'tohr are empathic, can they communicate with each other over a distance?"

Zalmud says to Salvur, "I wonder if it has been the Temple and its defense that has kept it safe all these years."

Zalmud ponders.

Salvur says to you, "I am not sure if they can communicate over *vast* distances, but they certainly seem to over, err, shorter ones."

Loreali says, "The temple this plant stood in years ago was completely destroyed."

Scandi says to Salvur, "Could we of the rangers guild not lead insight into areas they may thrive if transplanted."

Loreali gazes at Zalmud.

Valkri asks, "What about the temple gardner...has he any recommendations?"

Loreali says, "Perhaps more so the holy ground, as it were. Than the building."

Meganlique says, "Gardner baby'd the thing well."

Salvur says, "I think that is possibly why they fail to thrive when we attempt to germinate them elsewhere."

Zalmud says to Loreali, "Ah, good point."

Tenike asks, "Perhaps if we could.. ah, reverse their curse, as Clerics do as a rite of passage near Leth'Deriel... one could be asked how to stop the blight?"

Zalmud nods in agreement.

Tenike says, "The dryads, that is, past the valley."

Salvur says, "They lack that surrounding loving presence of their, ahh, friends. Or family. Or whatever the plant equivalent is."

Kneeling over a patch of beautiful sunflowers, Eaadrich digs between the flowers appearing to be looking for something specific. "Ah hah!" he cries, chuckling softly to himself. "I knew I would find you in here!" Eaadrich pulls a jadice flower from the sunflower patch and tosses it on the ground behind him.

Caraamon loudly asks, "Any plants, or jus da same species?"

Salvur nods to Kammae.

Valkri says, "On the temple grounds, they have the loving presence of the gods."

Liurilias says to Salvur, "There is a holy meadow not far from here..."

Loreali quietly says, "Not all Gods or Goddesses are Loving."

Heartsfyre asks, "So if they lack the love of their counterparts. Could anyone else who has the patience devote their love and caring to em?"

Kesava asks, "Does the cleric guild out in Forfhedhar have a garden or courtyard of any kind?"

Levinas calmly says, "Yes."

Levinas calmly says, "It does."

Salvur says, "We have tried entrusting the seedlings to both Rangers and Clerics thus far, with little success."

Kammae asks, "What if this is The parent plant...?"

Zalmud says to Loreali, "No, but all are Holy."

Zalmud nods.

Valkri nods at Zalmud, obviously agreeing with his views.

Salvur nods to Heartsfyre.

Loreali whispers something to Zalmud.

Caraamon loudly asks, "Anyone know what da valley looked like before da blight?"

Zamara asks Salvur, "Have you not tried growing one near one of the Empath's guild halls?"

Tenike says, "Holy air alone may not be enough to protect a plant."

Xixist says, "Have ya tried the blissful area of Arth dale? .. those Halflings can grow anything."

Salvur says to Heartsfyre, "I am hoping that K'Eksharo will have some insight...though I am not sure there is room in his soul for love, anymore."

Salvur chuckles to himself.

Salvur smiles sadly.

Evro says, "Perhaps appoint of sorts...or recruit a group of them."

Sarkranis says, "If there is no vela'tohr that can act as 'parent,' maybe empathy could be used to bridge the gap between surrogate and plant."

Salvur says, "You all have given me, err, an abundance of options."

Salvur laughs ruefully.

Navesi asks, "You have tried rangers and clerics, but not empaths?"

Salvur says, "Well."

Salvur says, "I am an Empath."

Salvur smiles at Navesi.

Zamara says, "A group of empaths."

Heartsfyre says to Salvur, "There is more then one person with empathic abilities that can devote a lifetime of love and caring to an entity."

Navesi says, "But only yourself then."

Salvur says, "Though perhaps not a particularly fatherly sort."

Zamara says to Salvur, "You are but one. A tree, or a little plant, would likely prefer a forest."

Rufiagonif says, "Could try the earth garden in Muspar'i, they have flowers there, even though its a desert."

Salvur gets a shiny vela'tohr seed from inside his belt pouch.

Zynara quietly says, "Probably too alien considering the place where these come from."

Caraamon loudly asks, "Ya tried grabbin soil outta da valley an movin it somewhere?"

Salvur gazes thoughtfully at a shiny vela'tohr seed.

Xixist asks, "Perhaps Willow walk?"

Salvur says, "This one is destined for K'Eksharo's care, for now. But...hmmm."

Kaeta says to Caraamon, "Soil might be tainted somehow."

Rufiagonif says, "Maybe dirt from its homeland as well."

Salvur slings his stick over his shoulder.

Salvur holds a shiny vela'tohr seed in both hands and closes his eyes in concentration.

Zamara asks Salvur, "Could you possibly gather more?"

Rufiagonif says, "Put holy water on the soil."

Caraamon loudly exclaims, "Oh hey!"

Marssi says, "If it can communicate over short distances, perhaps in Zoluren it would be able to communicate with this one."

Salvur says, "They are rare and precious."

Caraamon loudly asks, "Donna da empaths got da spell... sproud?"

Caraamon loudly says, "Sprout."

Mordibar asks Salvur, "Have you been trying them one seedling at a time? And if so why not several if they are gregarious?"

Zalmud says to Marssi, "That is an interesting thought."

Salvur gazes thoughtfully at a shiny vela'tohr seed.

Mieri whispers something to Salvur.

Marssi asks, "Annael spends a good deal of time in her garden. Perhaps keeping it around her?"

Kalyndara says, "That spell doesn't always work too well."

Salvur puts his seed in his belt pouch.

Zynara quietly asks, "Are the seeds hard to gather?"

Kesava says, "Maybe it's one of those kinda seeds that an animal has to eat and then poop out before it will sprout."

Salvur says, "They are rare, especially to catch them before they start to become twisted."

Kammae asks, "What about the Unlife i sense?!?"

Vansiil says, "Give it to Kssarh. He'll curse it, toss it out the window, and feed it plenty of novices."

Salvur flashes a quick grin at Kesava.

Belthazarr darkly says, "I tried casting sprout and ended up with potatoes in my hair."

Caraamon loudly asks, "What?"

Salvur says, "A bit too large for me to err..."

Salvur's skin turns a pasty shade.

Kalyndara says, "He only brought one."

Trovustein says, "You know, there is an interesting lake near Ker'leor, maybe the energies there might help the seeds grow."

Salvur says, "I have worked among them for many years though, I believe I would have noticed if that was the case. About the...well."

Salvur looks at Kesava and coughs.

Zynara quietly says, "Very close to Dergati's shrine though."

Kesava looks at Salvur and shrugs.

Salvur says, "Your suggestions have given me quite a lot to think on."

Zalmud lightly pets one of the animated tendrils of the vela'tohr plant as it forages through the area in search of something.

The tendril ceases its rooting to lightly nuzzle against Zalmud's hand for a brief moment. It soon resumes its quest, scouring about for something you cannot fathom.

Salvur rubs his temples gently.

Salvur nods to Kammae.

Caraamon loudly asks, "Hmmm, stick it inna pouch o' soil an make someone carry it 'round fer a while?"

Kammae asks, "What about the Unlife i sense?!?"

Tenike cautiously asks, "As I tried to bring up.. there is one out west in the Vela'tohr valley that has no guardian, no temple, no holy water or blessed soil. And it has survived and thrived. Could we study how it survived the blight and perhaps find a solution or a cure?"

Salvur says to Kammae, "That is the blight."

Xixist asks, "Is that vally blessed somehow?"

Kalyndara says, "Yet it survives."

Kammae says, "Then i sense the blight in this plant."

Xixist asks, "Or was it?"

Salvur nods to Kammae.

Xixist says, "Not it seems cursed."

Caraamon loudly asks, "Mebbie ya need ta get it shocked?"

Salvur says, "It's ... sympathetic to its blighted fellows, I think."

> '}Salvur Is the blight spread from plant to plant or some other way?

Sarkranis asks Salvur, "Is the blight spread from plant to plant or some other way?"

Kesava says, "It's very lonely I can feel it."

Zalmud appears to be concentrating intently on something.

Cristalyn softly says, "Loneliness with some relief."

Kalyndara asks, "But that's a theory, you don't know for sure?"

Salvur says to you, "All of the ones who grow in the blighted area are thus. It would be a terrible waste to risk any of the few healthy remaining plants to test the hypothesis of whether it can be spread."

Caraamon loudly asks, "Anyone tried draggin onna da blighted ones outta da valley an seein if it turn good?"

Zalmud gets some burnt incense from inside his moonsilk satchel.

Zalmud moves some burnt incense to his left hand.

Kesava asks, "What other types of plants grow in that area?"

Zalmud gets a bright-red magma viper with squinting fire opal eyes from inside his moonsilk satchel.

Zalmud points his magma viper at some burnt incense and a flame shoots from the creature's mouth, making the incense quickly catch fire.

Zalmud puts his viper in his moonsilk satchel.

Zalmud gets an etched mistglass bottle with a solid platinum stopper from inside his moonsilk satchel.

Salvur says to Caraamon, "That has not been known to happen, in my experience."

Loreali says, "I have gathered flowers from the one Tenike speaks of many times. It does not seem mad and has not ever attacked me."

Latathi says, "We can hear you just fine Caraamon, stop being so loud."

Zalmud sprinkles some holy water on himself.

Salvur nods to Loreali.

Tiny puffs of smoke rise from Zalmud's burnt incense as it burns.

Tenike says, "It is quite sane, and quite friendly."

Zalmud waves some burnt incense over himself.

A wisp of smoke settles around Zalmud, surrounding him with the scent of smoke.

Loreali says, "Yet still it is sad."

Abylina says, "Ok i will get Xixist."

Salvur asks, "Have you focused your senses upon it?"

Salvur gazes at Tenike.

Abylina says, "Oh."

Xixist says, "Im here."

Salvur nods to Loreali.

Zalmud takes a deep breath and then raises his hands, murmuring prayers under his breath. A strong white light fills him, exploding outward and blinding you momentarily. When the light fades Zalmud is on his knees, looking exhausted but happy.

Tenike nods to Salvur.

Loreali smiles at Salvur.

Salvur says, "Similar to this poor fellow, then."

Zalmud stands up.

Tenike says, "I sense the same shrieking and see the priest in the vision, as I do when I focus upon this one."

Loreali quietly says, "Alone, aside from the Tresses."

Zalmud puts his bottle in his moonsilk satchel.

Zalmud snuffs out his burnt incense.

Zalmud puts his incense in his moonsilk satchel.

Miskton asks Salvur, "Have there been any attempts at curing a blighted specimen that have had any effect at all?"

Tenike says, "And fall to the same pained ringing, as Evro was reeling from moments ago."

Salvur says to Miskton, "They seem irredeemably maddened."

Salvur says, "They are sentient, remember."

Salvur says, "Even if the blight was removed, I am not sure that would be ... enough."

Loreali quietly asks Salvur, "I trust you are familiar with how a group of Empaths or an Empath can share shock of another Empath. Has such a thing been tried with this... blight?"

Salvur looks at Loreali and blanches.

Salvur says, "I shudder to..."

Loreali quietly says, "What price would you pay to save them."

Heartsfyre asks Salvur, "So the last few times with other people without empathic senses have failed. And you have the one promised.. Will in teh near future try to get another to try one with an empath to .. I believe bond to it as you say. to help nurture it and love it to keep it from feeling lonely ?"

Rufiagonif asks, "If its not you that pays it?"

Salvur says, "When studying disease, does one then contract the disease? Not a very typical research technique."

Salvur chuckles.

You hear the voice of Evro say, "It shows me a vision depicting a vast expanse of forest lying at the foot of a giant mountain crowned by an ominous-looking temple....and a dwarf....a servant of Kertigan."

Loreali says to Rufiagonif, "I am an Empath, I was not unwilling if it would work."

Sarkranis nods at Salvur, in complete agreement with his views.

Salvur says, "If K'Eksharo has any success, we will see."

Salvur says, "The seeds are too precious to entrust them to just anyone."

Evro says, "Like it longs for its home."

Salvur says, "It is not entirely my decision. But I would very much like to close this chapter of my research."

Evro says, "Twice it has shown me the same thing."

Salvur says, "I am growing very old and the climate there is not very friendly."

Kesava asks, "Ever tried growing one in a greenhouse?"

Tenike says, "And I the same, as the one west, too."

Heartsfyre says to Salvur, "Tis understandable, but as you said earlier.. he may not have the .. patience and devotion that the seed may need at its young life."

Miskton asks Salvur, "Do you have any future studies in mind?"

Marssi says, "He may know who would, though."

Latathi asks, "Are not these plants supposed to harbor large amounts of life energy?"

Evro says, "Could it be homesick? wishing to go home, but for the blight."

Xixist says, "I might believe these plants need love more than soil."

Salvur says to Evro, "It certainly misses its fellows, yes."

Zalmud raises an eyebrow in Valkri's direction.

Latathi says, "Because it is showing me that it has very low life energy."

Xixist says, "The Empaths deliver much love .. perhaps in close quarters at their guild."

Caraamon loudly asks, "Anyone tried throwin uncurse at dese guys?"

Cristalyn softly asks Latathi, "But Unlife energy too, aye?"

Erieck asks Valkri, "Whats up?"

Salvur says, "To be honest, it's about time they set me up with something a bit less rugged. Spell research, perhaps. Or even manipulation."

Salvur grumbles.

Halfrida says to Salvur, "Perhaps if you deserved it."

Kammae says, "I tried to link with it... but i can't..."

Halfrida says to Salvur, "You're not impressing anyone on this trip."

Kesava says, "I was under the impression they seem to like life and holy mana."

Salvur grumbles.

Miskton glances at Halfrida.

Evro asks Salvur, "It shows me a dwarven priest...that also seems to miss the there someplace in Forfedhar that perhaps the dwarves cultivated this plants?"

Mieri whispers something to Salvur.

Zynara looks thoughtfully at Salvur.

Caraamon whispers something to Salvur.

Belthazarr says to Halfrida, "He's been more impressive and imformative then you have."

Salvur looks at Caraamon and blanches.

Belthazarr waves a hand at Halfrida dismissively.

Caraamon looks at Salvur and shrugs.

Salvur says, "I believe my hangover has caught up with me."

Salvur glances at Halfrida.

Salvur coughs.

Navesi asks Salvur, "You said you are uniquely suited to studying these plants. Why?"

Zalmud chuckles.

Salvur says to Navesi, "Whatever else may be said of me, I am very skilled at manipulating and sensing life."

Navesi asks, "More so than other empaths?"

Salvur says, "That was what, err, brought me to the attention of the Modien."

Salvur glances at Halfrida.

Tendrils of ethereal blue light suddenly enwreathe Zalmud, fading from view as they race in a swirling pattern down his body, disappearing into the ground.

Marssi asks, "'s a punishment?"

Halfrida looks very bland.

Salvur says, "Ah, no. An exciting research assignment."

Salvur smiles at Marssi.

Marssi says, "Of course."

Zynara gazes at Salvur.

Valkri asks Zalmud, "Has any one spoken to Denizelva? Does she have recommendations?"

Kaeta says to Marssi, "Work in proportion to ability, I suppose."

Salvur smiles at Kammae.

Rufiagonif says, "She brought it here years ago."

Caraamon loudly asks, "Manipulate it inta bein happy?"

Caraamon loudly asks, "I dunno, how does dat stuff work?"

Salvur says to Caraamon, "I can make them my friend, but only briefly. And that doesn't stop them from being, well, crazy."

Zalmud ponders.

Caraamon loudly says, "Well, I was more speakin da seed."

Salvur says, "A crazy friend is still crazy."

Lorylai slowly says, "I resemble that remark."

Salvur smiles at Halfrida.

Belthazarr says to Salvur, "Sounds like a couple women roaming the lands that i know."

Halfrida folds her arms across her chest.

Kammae says to Salvur, "Yet this plant has a resistance to it."

Latathi says, "Sounds like all women."

Salvur says, "This one has a very forceful life essence, I think."

Rufiagonif says, "And more than a few men."

Caraamon loudly says, "Welp, if ya need someone ta 'elp ya get more seeds, or build a cage, look me up. Otherwise..."

Belthazarr says to Mieri, "Only the crazy ones."

Salvur says, "It is old and has bonded with the Gardener, here."

Latathi says, "Marssi excluded, she's part bunny."

Zalmud says to Valkri, "I don't think so, I have not heard of anyone seeing her in years."

Zalmud says, "But I admit, I am a bit cloistered in my duties."

Halfrida says, "Let's go. You've rattled on long enough."

Halfrida asks Salvur to join her group, but Salvur declines.

Valkri smiles at Zalmud.

Kesava says, "I have never encoutered the bloodvines.....I may have to go have a look at them and the area and the other healthy one."

Marssi frowns at Halfrida.

Belthazarr says to Salvur, "Throw her and the seed in the segoltha and go on a drinking binge. you'll be much happier."

Belthazarr nods to Salvur.

Miskton says to Halfrida, "I think his lecture has been quite interesting, actually."

Caraamon loudly says, "Oh hey, I jus had a thought."

Salvur grins at Belthazarr.

Navesi asks Halfrida, "Are you available to answer questions?"

Salvur says, "Perhaps if I didn't know they'd catch up with me eventually."

Caraamon loudly asks, "Canna ya take bits off plants an make 'em grow inta a new plant?"

Caraamon loudly says, "Not da seeds, but da twigs an stuff."

Belthazarr says to Salvur, "Shoulda been a bard."

Belthazarr pats Salvur on the back.

Salvur says, "Somehow this plant seems to object to having bits of it broken off."

Salvur says, "Can't imagine why."

Zalmud says, "I think I would as well."

Zalmud chuckles.

Salvur says, "Well, hmm, duty calls I suppose."

Valkri grins at Zalmud.

Salvur glances at Halfrida.

Liurilias nods at Zalmud, obviously agreeing with his views.

Meganlique nods to Zalmud.

Caraamon loudly says, "Not as bad as ya tink."

Naddja softly asks, "Have you tried to ask it?"

Tenike says to Caraamon, "You can try first."

Halfrida says to Navesi, "Perhaps later."

Zalmud bows to Salvur.

Caraamon loudly says, "Happens ta me all da time."

Cristalyn nods politely to Salvur.

Heartsfyre bows to Halfrida.

Mieri whispers something to Salvur.

Lorylai slowly asks, "Has it "hatched" any seeds?"

Navesi nods to Halfrida.

Heartsfyre bows to Salvur.

Zalmud bows to Halfrida.

Cristalyn softly says to Salvur, "Thank you."

Marssi says to Salvur, "I don't think you've rattled, and I've enjoyed listening."

Kaeta says, "It hatches some good nectar."

Zalmud says, "I thank you all again for coming. It has been good to see so many souls in the Temple."

Tenike says, "It's been an interesting discussion..."

Salvur says, "Good evening to all of you."

Mieri gives Salvur a slight nod.

Salvur says, "It was pleasant getting out of the woods."

Evro nods to Salvur.

Belthazarr snaps to attention and hails Salvur with a crisp hand salute.

Salvur glances at Halfrida.

Miskton nods politely to Salvur.

Naddja nods to Salvur.

Valkri nods politely to Salvur.

Salvur smiles at Kesava.

Cristalyn nods politely to Zalmud.

Marssi curtsies awkwardly to Halfrida, trying to keep her balance.

Lyathe smiles at Salvur.

Erieck says to Salvur, "Thank you for the lecture, I hope more comes of the research.."

Salvur adjusts his rumpled shirt.

Mordibar nods politely to Salvur.

Tenike offers Salvur some golden vela'tohr nectar.

Caraamon loudly asks, "Insane plants. Whoda guessed it?"

Lyathe smiles at Zalmud.

Kammae asks Salvur, "What do they eat? the unblighted ones?"

Kesava says, "Perhaps we can do this again sometime."

Mordibar bows to Halfrida.

Salvur says, "Perhaps I shall have a chance to see some of you again before I am sent back out to the hinterlands."

Tenike says to Salvur, "Spending all your moments in research and none in enjoying the pleasures of it... seems a bit, sad."

Lyathe nods to Halfrida.

Rufiagonif asks, "Soil? fertilizer?"

Zynara quietly says to Salvur, "Good to see you again."

Miskton says to Salvur, "Thank you for the lecture. I'm always eager to hear what other people are researching."

Erieck bows to Salvur.

Erieck bows to Halfrida.

Halfrida smiles at Mordibar.

Navesi says to Salvur, "Your thoughts were appreciated. If you are ever available to answer more questions, I have many."

Halfrida says, "Let's go, old man."

Miskton says to Zalmud, "And thank you for letting us all gather here."

Halfrida raises her hand in a quick salute.

Zynara looks thoughtfully at Halfrida.

Belthazarr says to Salvur, "Lemme know if you need help pushing her in the river."

Salvur holds his hand up before his mouth and begins to cough, his shoulders shaking. Hope it's not contagious!

Kalyndara looks at Halfrida, obviously trying not to grin.

Belthazarr says to Salvur, "And good luck in your endeavers."

Khalo rae Aev Halfrida strides southwest, leading her group.

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