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Race Elf
Gender Female
Guild Empath
Instance Prime


You are Healer Kaeta Airtag, Sensitive of Elanthia, an Elven Empath.
You have pointed ears and emerald eyes. Your red-gold hair is long and straight, and is worn tied back.
You have fair skin.

You have deep slashes across the chest area, deep slashes across the abdomen.

You are wearing a copper kyanite gwethdesuan, a copper jadeite gwethdesuan, an emerald green hooded cloak trimmed in silvery embroidery, a bright red foraging apron with the words "Hug the Empath!" sewn across the front in white block lettering, a canvas sack, a copperwood longbow, a brown suede haversack adorned with dangling copper leaves, an emerald green watersilk robe, a bison-hide pack, a sea dragon charm, a ghostly white silk shift with blood-red drawstring ribbons at the neck and cuffs, a chain shirt, a twisted cambrinth armband, a target shield, a ring crafted of alternating white-and-yellow gold links, a platinum ring bearing the crest of the Empaths' Guild, a white apron embroidered with thread in many colors, a purple gem pouch, a pale green spidersilk pouch pinned with a golden phoenix charm, some chain greaves, a twisted cambrinth anklet adorned with tiny platinum charms, some owl-winged eel-leather sandals and an iron-banded parry stick with brown leather straps.

Background/In Character Stories

Kaeta is the daughter of Darlatan Firemist and Atrie Airtag, a forester and baker, respectively. Both reside in Leth Deriel. While growing up, her parents saw that she got a good broad education. Her broad knowledge of history made her question the need of violence to resolve matters, which led her down the path of becoming a healer. That said, she recognizes the clear virtue of self-defense, for it is folly to assume that all others are as agreeable to pacifism.

She prefers solitude, but has a few close friends, from several guilds, particularly Clerics, Empaths, Thieves, and Moon Mages.

Character Notes

  • Enjoys healing, prefers at-skill boxes (gargoyles/hatchling/swain preferred, but anything that isn't below skill), and unscraped skins/hides/pelts for tips. No tips aside from heart-felt thanks are required, however, but are appreciated. No tips from clerics, empaths, or the young, as defined by my mood, but usually those being rock troll hunters and lower. Spectacular rudeness will be met with silent black-listing. (It's a small list, thankfully, but it's balanced by being full of some particularly notable ass-hats.)
  • Able to shift most anything, with enough boosts, but by default about anything save builds and ages. (I always keep gweths, so gweth if you're in the Crossing region and want a gweth and I'm around)
  • Has a preference for copper and green items. Has a gem collection, mostly green sapphires, with other notably valuable gems, valued at over 80 plat.
  • Keeps chest and abdomen bleeding essentially all the time. (It keeps up performance juggling bleeds while healing without dying.)
  • Has treehouse in Leth Deriel, Elder Bark Circle