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Crupikte Tho'dimalk

Crupikte Tho'dimalk
Race Dwarf
Gender Male
Guild Warrior Mage
Instance Prime

Appearance Crupikte has a square-jawed face and crystal blue eyes. His ash-blonde-streaked auburn hair is long and wavy, and is worn loose. He tanned skin and a brawny build. He is tall for a Dwarf. Some audrualm dagger charms float lazily around his head, glowing with a lustrous sheen against your skin. He is an adult. He has a thick beard twisted into three long braids. His abdomen has a tattoo of a kneeling Dwarf thrusting a sword skyward as he is encircled by a ring of spectral apparitions.

He is wearing a hooded night-black woolen highwayman's cloak, an open-necked white cotton shirt laced with sand-hued linen, a pair of pressed steel-grey pants laced with neat platinum cording, a pair of tan cavalry boots with red stitching on the straps, a simple leather belt, a willow amulet encrusted with emeralds in the pattern of the city of Therengia, a blackened iron locket etched with the image of a burning forest, a worn ebonwood first aid kit splattered with dark stains, a long parry stick wrapped in frayed brown leather, a platinum ring bearing the crest of the Warrior Mage Guild, a double-wrapped leather sword belt embossed with howling blood wolves, a black leather arm quiver with silver clasps, a silver-bound dark leather ankle sheath, , a steel-tipped war lance wrapped with waxed silk, an albredine crystal ring, and a mistwood longbow.

Bio - The Beginning Valmora Ovhig was a proud Dwarven woman. For generations, her clan had thrived in HighHold, the ancient Dwarven fortress built on the northernmost tips of the Hiimarhand Shel. They had survived the Gorbesh, the War of Tears, and numerous assaults by the Empire. While the rest of Adamantian lands trembled, Valmora and her clan thrived behind the inpenetrable walls of HighHold. But that was before the Dark Hand was released upon the lands by Dzree and the dragon priests. Very few from HighHold escaped alive, Valmora being one of the fortunate. By the aid of Greystar Commune dwarves, she was able to make her way to a far-away land called Forfedhar. But the Dwarves were not the only ones that assisted Valmora in her escape. An elven male, by the name of Daedrim Lyualsha, came across the group as they were making camp one evening. Daedrim, tired of the racial wars and finding Valmora to be more attractive than most dwarven women, was instrumental in helping the group pass safely through primarily Elven lands to arrive in Forfedhar. Valmora and Daedrim soon married and, despite the odds, had two children, Crupikte and Cabrera. One night when he was barely a teenager, Crupikte awoke to the sound of a struggle outside. He awoke his brother and they rushed outside to find their parents surrounded by dragon priests. They arrived just in time to see their parents murdered right before their eyes. Crupike grabbed Cabrera by the arm and dragged him back inside. It was dark out and the boys had not been seen. Fighting tears, they snuck out through the back of their tent and were able to escape the encampment. Distraught with nowhere to go, they wandered aimlessly for many days, eventually arriving to the town of Crossing.

Bio - The Early Years The two brothers were inseparable. They spent the first year as commoners, living off of the land. But soon they realized that to survive in town, they would need to find professions. Cabrera joined the Empath Guild, hoping he could use his skills to prevent the same kind of death he had witnessed two years earlier. Crupikte, equally as traumatized, joined the Warrior Mage Guild. He wanted to fight, with every means at his disposal, so that he could destroy the dragon priests and any other beast that may threaten him. Now on two very different paths, the brothers eventually grew apart. One night, there was an invasion in town. Orc raiders had penetrated the defenses and the militia was unable to stop them. They got into the empath guild and killed everyone there, including Crupikte's younger brother. The years following were some of the darkest of Crupikte's life. He threw himself into his training and spent almost every night at Taelbert's Inn, drinking away his memories.

Bio - The Later Years One night, Crupikte was visisted in his dreams by two figures, both wrapped in dark cloaks and accompanied by wolves. One was his father, Daedrim, accompanied by a white wolf. The other was Meraud, God of magic and foresight. They delivered a very simple message: it was time to get his life together. He was created to protect the lands from the evil that haunted his childhood. He awoke suddenly, unsure if what he had seen was just a dream of whether it was something more. In a hurry, he gathered his belongings, hopped on his horse, and galloped out of Crossing, never to return. He traveled to the town of Theren, a town known for its culture and nobility. He needed a new start. He abandoned his last name Alerahal, which had no particular meaning but which he had adopted so that he would not be recognized by the dragon priests. Though he was briefly married, this ended quickly as both parties realized they had more important things to accomplish. He adopted the last name Tho'dimalk, which translated into "Noble Protector of the Land". Soon thereafter, he applied for entry into the Theren Guard, and dedicated his life to the protection of the land from all that is evil. He owes his life to his God Kertigan as well as the God Meraud, and now worships both equally. Trying to forget his past, he spends his days moving toward the future, training his skills and forging relationships, doing what he can to create a world where children will never have to see their parents murdered before their eyes.