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Status Active
Race Human
Gender Male
Guild Moon Mage
Instance Prime
Relatives Mino, Itherial, Glizten


You see Archmage Levinas, Regent of the Order of the Black Fox, a Human. He has an angular face and sullenly glowing flame-hued eyes. His red-gold-streaked white hair is long and wavy, and is worn in a deceptively careless-looking arrangement of upswept locks held in place by a pair of sleekly curving alerce hairsticks topped with Drogor's Wrath sapphires. He has tanned skin and a slender build. He is tall for a Human. He is in his prime.
He has a tattoo of interlocking red, blue and black spirals forming a triskele pattern on his cheek.

He is holding a golden tower shield trimmed with glistening emeralds in his left hand.
He is wearing a lumpy bundle, a gold and fire opal ring, some winged beige leather boots, a wide leather belt decorated with engraved cambrinth plates, an articulated finger claw encrusted with red yavasite, a black gold wedding band with a malevolent onyx er'qutrite caught within tyrium strands, an archmage's longcoat of golden gemfire velvet clasped by a massive black katambite with hints of gold, some flowing nightsilk robes, a copper-fitted leather backsheath studded with small cambrinth discs, a black and white harlequin-patterned half mask, an albredine crystal ring, a grey top hat accented with a platinum gear, a spiraling flamewood parry stick, a small corrugated-hide shield with a reinforced design, some padded heavy titanese gloves with a reinforced design and a coarse corrugated-hide cowl with a reinforced design.

Items of Distinction

An archmage's longcoat of golden gemfire velvet clasped by a massive black katambite streaked with gold: Smooth and sleek, every movement of the wearer creates a sinuous shifting of the exotic fabric. Rich violet nightsilk lines the longcoat, adding luxury and a splash of color.

-Gifts from Ariya(gemfire and design) and Malign(Katambite)

A black gold wedding band with a matte onyx er'qutrite caught within tyrium strands: The wide band is interrupted by the openwork design at its center, narrow strands of deep purple metal intertwining like the threads of fate to connect twin sides of black gold, its surface brushed with a metallic luster. Captured within the tyrium weave is an er'qutrite renowned for its dynamically shifting dark hues, two threads winding around it to form a half bezel setting. Enscribed on the band is the phrase, "Worst Husband Ever".

-Gift from Ariya

An articulated finger claw encrusted with molten red yavasite: Crafted from reddish-gold orichalcum, the yavasite beads form a ring around each finger segment. Delicate filigree work conceals each of the deftly articulated joints.

-Gift from Malign

A tyrium hawkbill with a crimson moonsilver grip inset with a stalwart brown penhetite fox: The wickedly sharp forward-cutting edge of the knife gleams menacingly as light plays along the deep purple metal. The blade seamlessly morphs into a grip of luminous moonsilver with a cardinal sheen. The soft, silvery-red glow of the undulated grip is inset with a penhetite carved into a lifelike fox, its dynamically shifting dark hues contrasting exquisitely against the crimson metal. Scratched nearly beyond recognition are the initials "E. M."

-Gifts from Malign(Tyrium), Lycette(Penhetite), Tenike(crimson moonsilver), Ariya(design), Juleanne(design)

Ismenite to be mounted

-Gift from Gybrush