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Zalmud Jorham
Status: Alive
Guild: Cleric
Race: Human
Gender: Male

You see Temple Hierarch Zalmud Jorham, Master of the Towers, a Human Cleric.
Zalmud has a proud yet hardened warrior's face with chiseled jawline and deep smile lines around his eyelids, steely grey eyes, a straight nose and a cleft chin. He has cropped raven-black hair, with fair skin and a burly build.
He is very tall for a Human.
He appears to be in his prime.
He is clean shaven.

He is wearing a polished steel helm crafted to resemble a clergyman's mitre, a courtly platinum-hued cassock clasped at the shoulder with a Crossing High Temple pin, a small steel shield embossed with the Crossing High Temple crest, some black leather gloves augmented with interwoven strips of polished steel, a wide sash woven from vibrant sanguine firesilk, a polished leather belt with a white ironwood-hafted mace hanging from it and a pair of knee-high black leather cavalry boots with platinum spurs.