Jeraya Bayajen

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Location and Map

Jeraya Bayajen.png

The Festival of Elanthian Prosperity was held in Year 366.


Shop Category

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Room Entrance Shop Name Inventory Restrictions Shop
1 a gold and blue striped tent Tent of Avnel the Glassblower (3) No
1 a multi-colored patched tent possibly Bettin' Birdies unsure if was opened Yes
1 a horseshoe-shaped booth Jeraya Bayajen, Main Booth No
1 a large wheeled walnut-trimmed wagon Monyah's Miscellany (3) No
2 A slightly shabby building Rovinelle's House of Fun game, funhouse, mirrors Yes
3 a rundown wagon Cefrit of Odcoru (1) No
3 a tattered tent Pawla's Permutations (4) No
3 a gaudily painted wagon Matter of Magik (2) No
3 a dark grey tent Nefari's Emporium (2) No
3 a rough canvas yurt covered with dark pelts Griffth's Yurt No
3 a dark green silk tent trimmed with black braid Gentleman's Corner (1) No
3 a brightly painted merchant's caravan Nytingale's Instruments (7) No
4 a silver-threaded tent Marnie's Elegance In Wire (3) No
4 a yellow silk tent Simply Essential (1) No
4 a large-wheeled wagon hitched to a team of horses Finairah's Fine Adornments Yes
5 a large felt-covered yurt Thryntyrlz BagMaker's Yurt (3) No
5 a tall wooden wagon From Top to Bottom (3) No
5 a mottled tent Packrat's Paradise (6) No
5 a brightly colored pavilion Parody's Pouches No
6 A burly roustabout Strength Test (1) game Yes
7 Archery Field Archery Field Targets for Archery, game. Yes
8 a colorful arch-roofed wagon Chizelli's Charms (2) No
8 a large wagon constructed to look like a horse Gift Horse No
8 a shabby caravan painted with crooked zombie-like figures Once Possessed (5) No
8 an opulent ivory silk tent trimmed with gold braid Perfect Rose (1) No
9 a vibrant scarlet tent with fluttering silk banners Women at Arms (4) No
9 a battered wagon with steel-capped wheels Festival Armory No
9 a creamy white tent with faint black spots Obscure Origins No
10 a grey canvas tent Threads of Fate (2) No
10 a wind-beaten sailcloth tent Pyie Rate's Supplies For The Distinguished Sailor No
10 a flame-painted ebonwood wagon Fiery Souls (1) No
11 a small battered yurt Feleah Family Crafts (5) No
11 a white latticework gazebo Grooming Gazebo (3) No
11 a large booth constructed to resemble a well Ale's Well That Ends Well No
12 an eccentric caravan crafted from the barnacle-encrusted hull of a ship Vicious Visages No
12 a shadowy black lean-to Grieving Grave (4) No