Threads of Fate (2)

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The Threads of Fate
Event Jeraya Bayajen, Temple Reopening
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Clothing shops, Container shops, Housing shops, S'Kra Mur shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[The Threads of Fate]
Tendrils of perfumed smoke coil lazily up from incense burners positioned beside the tent flap. A woolen carpet covers the stubble left by the recent haying, cushioning the tent's floor. In one corner, a small hand-loom leans against a low wooden chair, half-hidden behind a sandalwood screen. Finely woven tapestries are on display along the walls of the tent.
You also see a smooth table with some stuff on it, a wooden clothes rack with some stuff on it, a series of tent poles with some stuff on it and a tent flap.
Obvious exits: none.

The loom is threaded with a half-finished tapestry depicting the victory of 
the Baron against the savage marauders of Ker'Leor.
A soft green lake shimmers along the top of the piece, barely begun at this point. 

On the low wooden chair
Item Price Done
A small parchment note reads:
"The gamantang is an informal or "house" coat traditionally worn by the S'Kra Mur. Loosely cut, it features long sleeves, usually folded back to mid-forearm in a wide cuff, and a slit running up the back to allow for freedom of the wearer's tail. In recent times, the gamantang has become a popular outer garment. Threads of Fate is pleased to offer it to our customers."
softly flowing deep blue gamantang with swirling stars along the hem 2,374   No
short white satin gamantang dotted with multi-colored ribbon rosettes 11,861   No
long black gamantang embroidered in dark grey thread with a labyrinth pattern 2,374   !!
soft linen gamantang covered in an all-over floral pattern 2,706   No
deep crimson gamantang with an elegant black velvet trim 2,110   No
On the wooden clothes rack
Item Price Done
A small note reads:
"All clothing has small pockets to allow the wearer to keep a few treasured items close at hand."
dark blue tapestry cloak with a wide sable shawl collar 6,584   No
soft black suede boots with deep tapestry-lined cuffs 5,412   No
golden tapestry pouch trimmed with black lace 811   !!
soft rose tapestry skirt trimmed with deeply knotted fringe 11,539   !!
smoky black tapestry mantle with a sable collar 3,470   No
On the smooth table
Item Price Done
long black table cloth 1,684   No
deep blue velvet table cloth 1,826   No
dark oilcloth table cloth 243   No
soft white silk table cloth 7,611   No
smooth black embroidered table cloth 1,648   No
blue and white checkered table cloth 1,648   !!
red and white checkered table cloth 1,648   No
On the tent poles
Item Price Done
pale green waterscape tapestry 13,530   !!
vivid dragon tapestry 13,530   !!
black and gold Therengian tapestry 13,530   !!
millefleur Paladin's crest tapestry 13,530   !!
Imperial wedding tapestry 27,060   !!
richly colored battle tapestry 18,040   !!
elaborately woven unicorn tapestry 22,550   !!