Cefrit of Odcoru (1)

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For the standing version of this store, see Cefrit of Odcoru (Siksraja).

Cefrit of Odcoru
Event Jeraya Bayajen, Shard Liberation Festival
Owner Cefrit
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Armor shops, Rakash shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Cefrit of Odcoru]
Rolled and tied skins that provide insulation when secured to the floor line the shop ceiling, allowing light to sift through the tiny cracks in the joints of the wide sideboards of the wagon. A curtain across the back wall divides the small showroom from the private areas while a dark green rug muffles the creaks underfoot that have developed since the last round of reinforcement. You also see a brass hook with some stuff on it, a wooden trellis with some stuff on it, a long shelf with some stuff on it, a grey door, a narrow table with some stuff on it, and a sturdy rack with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: none.

On the sturdy rack
Item Price Done
asteriated chain mail 28,864   !!!!
chamfered chain 50,512   !!!!
A scrawled note reads: Heavy Chain for the discerning Rakash hunter.
On the narrow table
Item Price Done
burnished greaves 3,111   !!
lunated plate 85,690   !!!!
goffered plate 112,750   !!!!
burnished half plate 54,120   !!
malleated gauntlets 2,706   !!!!
A small note reads: Custom Heavy Plate items designed to fit the special needs of the Rakash hunter.
On the long shelf
Item Price Done
bison-hide hood 1,398   !!
beeswaxed leather coat 7,531   !!
beeswaxed leather greaves 811   !!
eel skin mask 1,443   !!!!
sluagh hide leathers 59,532   !!
studded leather gloves 793   !!
A sign reads: Leathers designed to fit Rakash in all Katamba's phases.
On the wooden trellis
Item Price Done
malleated bronze hauberk 18,040   !!
imbricated chain greaves 902   !!!!
imbricated chain shirt 43,296   !!!!
chain balaclava 2,345   !!
imbricated mail gloves 1,082   !!!!
imbricated chain hood 2,345   !!!!
A sturdy card reads: Chain for Rakash in or out of moonskin.
On the brass hook
Item Price Done
chased bronze greaves 3,021   !!!!
A scrap of parchment reads: Light Plate greaves for those Rakash who wish to diversify.