Gift Horse

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Gift Horse
Event Jeraya Bayajen
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Tack shops, Clothing shops, Container shops, Jewelry shops, Armor shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Gift Horse]
The thick smell of leather hangs heavily in the air inside this small wagon. The walls all turn at odd angles, leaving very little flat wall space. Different sketches of horses are plastered over every surface, giving the effect of a giant collage. A large wardrobe stands against the tallest wall, between a saddle rack and a sturdy table. You also see a polished stand with some stuff on it and a door.
Obvious exits: none.

In the large wardrobe
Item Price Done
royal blue snood adorned with a golden lion charm 987   !!
deep black snood adorned with a silver horse charm 802   No
deep blue riding breeches embroidered with golden lions 1,894   No
soft black riding breeches embroidered with a silver labyrinth pattern 1,623   No
deep blue riding boots with slightly raised heels 902   No
deep blue leather riding gloves embroidered with golden lions 992   No
royal blue velvet riding helmet with a golden chin strap 2,796   !!!!
deep blue riding cloak emblazoned with an intricate golden lion 12,628   No
black suede riding boots with slightly raised heels 902   No
supple black suede riding gloves with slender tracery 992   !!
deep black velvet riding helmet with a silvery chin strap 2,474   No
elegant velvet riding cloak edged with labyrinthine silver tracery 16,236   No
On the saddle rack
Item Price Done
hand-tooled leather saddle with a soft suede seat 11,726   No
cured brown leather saddle with silver lacing 14,432   No
deep black embossed leather saddle 15,334   No
light brown leather saddle edged with etched gold plates 34,276   No
On the sturdy table
Item Price Done
small feed pouch embroidered with sugar cubes 802   !!
quilted saddle carrier embroidered with the image of a majestic warhorse 7,216   No
pair of gold horseshoe-shaped earrings 1,894   No
pair of silver horseshoe-shaped earrings 802   No
polished gold ring forged to resemble a saddle 7,047   No
brushed silver ring forged to resemble a saddle 3,066   No
On the polished stand
Item Price Done
forest green caparison edged with tiny golden bells 2,255   No
royal blue blanket edged with golden tassels 1,623   No
hand-loomed blanket woven with silvery stars 1,623   No
blood red blanket edged with ivory skull-shaped beads 1,623   No
deep black blanket edged with polished silver horse charms 1,623   No
deep blue saddle pad embroidered with golden lions 1,082   No
royal blue caparison embroidered with stylized golden lions 13,530   No
deep black quilted caparison with intricate silver tracery 11,726   No
royal purple pleated caparison with dagged edges 10,824   No
thick leaf-patterned saddle pad with corded suede edges 1,082   No
soft saddle pad embroidered with a looping rope pattern around the edges 1,082   No
quilted saddle pad with tiny horses embroidered along the edges 1,082   No
hand-loomed deep black saddle pad with silvery stripes 1,082   No