Griffth's Yurt

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Griffth's Yurt
Event Jeraya Bayajen
Owner Griffth, Bethny, Ethna
# of Rooms 4
Store Type Clothing shops, Wedding shops, Kaldar shops, Container shops, Jewelry shops, Food shops, Drink shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Griffth's Yurt, Front Room]
A faint scent of musk fills the air upon entering this rough canvas yurt. The walls are layered with wolf and cougar hides and various-sized teeth hang from the ceiling on strips of dark leather. The wooden beams holding up this structure are branded with images of beast and men engaged in battle, while braided cloth rugs cover the dirt floor. You also see a carved maple hook with some stuff on it, a carved oak hook with some stuff on it, and a rough canvas curtain.
Obvious exits: north, northeast, northwest.

On the maple hook
Item Price Done
rough cloak of tan cougar hides laced with leather thongs 19,755   No
dark wine cloak clasped with a bronze pin 5,705   No
On the oak hook
Item Price Done
sturdy grey wool cloak with a dark fur hood 40,601   No
hooded journeyman's cloak made of dark hides and lined with black fur 45,930   No
soft pale grey woolen cloak hooded with a white ermine cowl 48,024   

[Griffth's Yurt, Bethny's Room]
A scent of burned meat mixed with sharp odors of cinnamon and flour assails you upon entering this room. Stains from various cooking mishaps adorn the braided cloth rugs, and misshapen shelves hold cooking utensils. Stools are gathered around a large wooden table with mismatched settings, and a boxed bed is placed along the hide-covered wall, a small chest resting beside it.
Obvious exits: south, west.

On the boxed bed
Item Price Done
red cotton apron embroidered with pink roses 315   No
white cotton apron embroidered with periwinkle and thyme 360   No
yellow cotton apron embroidered with white daisies 315   No

[Griffth's Yurt, Ethna's Room]
This small room bears little resemblance to the rest of the yurt. Dried flowers are hung from the ceiling and small gold and silver chests hold various items. Snowbeast pelts cover the dirt floor and carved hooks hold clothes along the wall. Wooden cases are displayed around the room while a tiny picture of a girl hangs from a lone post. You also see a tall wooden mannequin with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: east, southeast.

In the golden chest
Item Price Done
multi-colored beaded necklace 3,193   
leather necklace dangling with tiny bones and colorful beads 4,330   !!
leather necklace dangling with carved wooden roses 2,706   !!
hollow bird-bone necklace 2,354   !!
leather necklace strung with tiny white feathers 3,519   No
In the silver chest
Item Price Done
tiny bone and beaded earrings 3,716   No
hollow bird-bone earrings 3,499   !!
dangling feathered earrings 2,588   No
colorful beaded earrings 2,390   !!
carved rose earrings 3,147   
On the carved hook
Item Price Done
white silk tunic belted with knotted gold chain 37,243   No
brown wool tunic cut knee-length and belted with rough leather 13,442   No
long burgundy velvet tunic trimmed in ivory seed pearls 35,123   
On the wooden cases
Item Price Done
white leather ankle boots trimmed in pale ermine 10,907   No
simple black leather boots 2,260   No
grey leather boots with folded black fur cuffs 6,160   !!
sturdy boots wrapped with cougar hide and braided leather 4,510   No
On the wooden mannequin
Item Price Done
A small note reads:
The clothing on this mannequin represents a lovely Kaldaran wedding ensemble. ~~ Ethna ~~
thin leather-strapped sandals threaded with tiny carved beads 2,300   
soft ivory doeskin skirt edged in beaded fringe 2,884   
soft ivory doeskin bodice laced up the front with pale leather cord 4,104   !!
pale carved wooden armband with a single dangling owl feather 1,398   

[Griffth's Yurt, Waiting Area]
Dark cushions are spread around this small room providing comfort for any that wish it. In the corner a table holds a few refreshments, while hung from sturdy rope above it a sign reads, "Wait Here." You also see a rough hide curtain.
Obvious exits: southwest.

On the small table
Item Price Done
slice of pound cake 0   
wine-soaked strawberry 0   
slice of pumpkin bread 0   
spiced wine 0