Nefari's Emporium (2)

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Nefari's Emporium
Event Jeraya Bayajen
Owner Nefari
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Alchemy shops, Writing shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Nefari's Emporium, Showroom]
Cinders crunch underfoot in this dark tent. The faint odor of burnt reagents lingers in the air. In the center of the tent stands a portable stone furnace that glows brightly, shedding a soft, comfortable heat. Near the entrance rests a table lined with assorted jars, bowls and pots. On the far side of the tent stands a wooden hookrack with cauldrons and metal pots hanging from it. A small curtain leads deeper into the tent.
You also see a tent flap, a small sign, a small bucket, and a stool with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: none.

|  I am but a simple potter and bowl maker.        |
|  I offer up my jars and bowls to you in hope     |
|  that you can use them in your day to day life.  |
|                                                  |
|  I have for sale the following:                  |
|    * Various colored clay and stone jars that    |
|      come with cork stoppers.                    |
|    * Some wonderful veined granite mortars and   |
|      pestles crafted from granite mined out of   |
|      the mighty Dragonspine Mountains.           |
|    * The finest withwood stirring rods shaved    |
|      from the lovely withwood trees found far    |
|      to the south.                               |
|                                                  |
|    I also have a very limited supply of iron     |
|    kettles and a couple giant cauldrons I am     |
|    willing to part with.                         |
|                                                  |
|             Thank you for perusing my wares,     |
|                                                  |
|                       Nefari                     |
On the portable stone furnace
Item Price Done
red veined granite pestle 5,243   No
blue veined granite pestle 5,243   No
blue veined granite mortar 6,082   No
red granite mortar 6,082   No
On the table
Item Price Done
brown clay jar 1,118   !!
burnt clay jar 930   No
purple clay jar 1,118   !!
tan clay jar 1,118   No
white stone jar 1,691   !!
grey stone jar 1,691   No
green stone jar 1,691   No
black stone jar 1,691   !!
yellow stone jar 1,691   No
red stone jar 1,691   No
blue stone jar 1,691   No
pink clay jar 1,118   No
On the wooden hookrack
Item Price Done
giant cauldron 16,625   No
iron kettle 5,081   No
In the small bucket
Item Price Done
withwood stirring stick 451   No
glass rod 180   
mixing spoon 90   No
bone stylus 270   No
rosewood stylus 541   No
ivory stylus 811   !!
On the stool
Item Price Done
wax label 451   !!
a wax label instruction card reads:

To use the wax label, put it on a hard container, then with stylus in hand, write something on the label. To erase the label, rub it.

A small curtain:
A servant bars your way, whispering "I'm sorry, but I'm under orders not to admit anyone unless they're properly accompanied."