Parody's Pouches

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Parody's Pouches
Event Jeraya Bayajen
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Shield shops, Clothing shops, Container shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Parody's Pouches]
Panels of colored linen hang across the pavilion walls, making the area seem bright and cheerful. A second display room is open to the north, while an attendant hovers in front of a red panel nearby.
You also see an open flap, a hanging display belt with some stuff on it, an oblong table with some stuff on it, a chef's rack with some stuff on it, and a toy wagon with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: north.

On the hanging display belt
Item Price Done
taffelberry belt pouch 1,443   !!
doeskin pouch with blue velvet lining 4,149   No
small green pouch emblazoned with a sunrise 1,443   No
pouch embroidered with a forest scene 2,255   No
pouch decorated with pearl-like beads 1,623   No
black lace pouch 5,267   No
aqua pouch with a scale-like surface 2,886   No
chain gauntlet fastened to form a pouch 5,412   !!
On the oblong table
Item Price Done
blue muslin journey pack with ivory clasps 4,059   No
caramel colored backpack with chocolate colored straps 4,690   No
black leather backpack 4,510   No
paint-splashed backpack covered with loud splotches of rainbow colors 4,690   No
calico backpack quilted to resemble a plump kitten 6,494   No
deep red backpack depicting Katamba rising above a sunset 4,690   No
pine-green journey pack 2,886   No
white rabbitskin journey pack 4,600   No
On the chef's rack
Item Price Done
solemn black overdress embroidered with a unicorn 10,102   !!
lovely white overdress embroidered with unicorns 10,102   No
On the toy wagon
Item Price Done
fuzzy yellow blanket 1,640   No
light blue blanket with dark blue patches 1,640   No
ratty blanket 984   !!
flowery pink blanket 1,640   
patchwork blanket 1,640   No

[Parody's Parlor of Persuasions]
This fashionably decorated room appears to be multi-purpose -- a quaintly furnished sitting room, and a display room for the merchant's wares. The furniture has been arranged to display the items for sale, as well as give buyers a homey feel. In the center of the room, a small table has been set with tidbits, palatable to common Human tastes.
You also see a pavilion wall with a handcrafted oval shield emblazoned with a charging ox on it, a large bureau with some blue striped pajamas on it, a square footlocker with some stuff on it, a red panel, a small round table covered with a Zoluren blue tablecloth with some stuff on it, and a plaid loveseat with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: none.

On the small round table
Item Price Done
fresh hot coffee 0   
arthimur sausage pie 0   No
grated cheese pasta 0   No
mild white cheese 0   No
On the pavilion wall
Item Price Done
handcrafted oval shield emblazoned with a charging ox 20,746   !!
On the large bureau
Item Price Done
blue striped pajamas 1,353   No
On the square footlocker
Item Price Done
tangerine leather boots lined with snowbeast fur 4,762   No
high buckled boots with wooden heels 5,592   No
On the plaid loveseat
Item Price Done
white wool skirt appliqued with a pink yak 1,894   No
flowing gold skirt with an emerald clasp 8,569   No
formal red cloak with a sharply-cut collar and a gold rose clasp 16,957   No
sky-blue skirt with snow-white lace trimming 3,157   No
twilight-blue cloak decorated with star-shaped silver buttons 31,570   No