Vicious Visages

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Vicious Visages
Event Jeraya Bayajen
Owner Stiltskitter
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Armor shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Vicious Visages]
A faint, musty scent of the ocean lingers inside this ship's hull, though wide polished teak boards have been used to form a more traditional rectangular room suggesting that it has been a long time since the vessel saw any ocean travel. Twisted iron sconces forming intricate glowering gargoyles have been attached to the walls, each holding a large lit torch casting flickering light over a black velvet-covered table.
You also see a light wood stand with some stuff on it and a door.
Obvious exits: none.

On the dark table
Item Price Done
arsenic-blackened visored helm with elaborate bronze ornamentation 892,980   !!!!
white steel helm with rubies set into the visor 1,082,400   No
matte-black visored helm with magnificent wings sweeping back from either side 902,000   No
spangen helm decorated with elaborate brass and copper piercework 856,900   No
unadorned steel helm 631,400   No
brushed blackened helm with an embossed pointed visor 721,600   No
matte brushed-steel helm with an elaborate visor 676,500   No
black iron visored helm fashioned in the form of a triple-tiered ceremonial hat 811,800   No
On the wood stand
Item Price Done
watered-iron visored helm embossed with a striking pattern of scales 1,037,300   No
opalescent visored helm set with a spiraling golden horn 947100   No
golden visored helm embossed to depict a mane of curling locks of hair 992,200   No
visored helm embossed with a pattern of curling waves 712,580   No
silvery steel helm embellished with fancy filigree 811,800   No
bronze visored helm whimsically decorated with lily pad-shaped rivets 766,700   No