Festival Armory

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Festival Armory
Festival Jeraya Bayajen
Owner Unknown
# of Rooms Unknown
Store Type Unknown
This store only accepts ERROR!!!!

On the armor stand
Item Price Done
emblazoned tower shield adorned with the silhouette of a dragon ?   !!!!
golden augmented mail edged with silvery links ?   No
gleaming silver-white plate etched with the proud visage of a mighty lion ?   No
silver gilt hauberk embellished with golden armguards ?   No
sturdy weapon harness studded with small tarnished silver spikes ?   No
On the writing desk
Item Price Done
rugged leather steel-toed boots ?   
ruddy brown tabard embroidered with a snarling wolverine ?   No
forest green tabard embroidered with a crouching mountain lion ?   No
royal blue tabard embroidered with a golden lion ?   No
dark silk-edged tabard embroidered with twin crossed swords ?   No
leather-edged tunic ?   No
long battle-torn cloak embroidered with a snarling cyclops ?   No
On the weapon rack
Item Price Done
horseman's mace with an intricately carved ironwood haft ?   
lightened battle axe with an intricately etched blade ?   !!!!
gleaming longsword with a nacre-inlaid gold hilt ?   No
ivory-hilted claymore adorned with scrimshaw ?   No
soldier's siege arbalest with a polished obsidian boltplate ?   No