Packrat's Paradise (6)

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Packrat's Paradise
Event Jeraya Bayajen, Monger's Bazaar Festival, Temple Reopening
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Clothing shops, Container shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Packrat's Paradise, Sales Floor]
Containers literally surround you in this tent, as used and battered ones have been sewn together to make a crude patched shelter in which to sell goods. Several lanterns of different makes hang on drawstrings from various bags on the ceiling. The warm light from the lanterns reveals shabby decor around the room, and mostly secondhand fixtures. The items for sale resting on the furniture, however, are far from second rate.
You also see a rickety rack with some stuff on it, a crooked table with some stuff on it, a patched leather flap, a tarnished brass-edged trunk with some stuff on it, some slanted shelves with some stuff on it, a rickety wooden folding stand with some stuff on it, and an ironwood panel with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: northeast.

a rickety rack
Item Price Done
salt-stained duffel bag studded with fish skulls 189   !!
dark grey messenger's satchel reinforced with thick black leather 2,164   !!
thick leather rucksack with bronze clasps 8,499   !!
mottled reaver-hide sack with bone-tipped strings 1,210   !!
deep black thigh bag with a hand-forged silver clasp 2,473   !!
small arm pouch with an embroidered strap 599   !!
handmade blue silken knapsack adorned with delicately embroidered golden dragons 10,654   !!
a crooked table
Item Price Done
yellow flower-printed doll basket with soft leather straps 568   !!
soft midnight blue velvet rune pouch embroidered with silvery stars 1,939   !!
tiny wrist pouch crafted from a rat skull 171   !!
polished cypress doll case with a platinum latch 28,897   !!
simple white pine doll case with a silver latch 449   !!
a tarnished brass-edged trunk
Item Price Done
soldier's supply bag - Containsmushy gruel, a wooden food bowl, a slender eating knife, and some handcarved wooden dice 1,747   !!
long leather sheath edged with bits of ivory 16,928   !!
rusty tin lunch pail with a mismatched steel handle - Contains: a glass of flaming rum haze, some buttery roastcorn-on-the-cob, a chocolate creme tart, a baked ham sandwich, a shiny red apple, and a bottle of fizzy fruit punch. 274   No
small hope chest - Contains: a tarnished amulet, a yellowed slip of parchment, and a lock of hair 7,073   !!
rounded rose-colored pouch 58,831   !!
A bent sign reads: "Each of these little things here gots at least one something in them, what it is, we ain't telling, you'll have to find out."
some slanted shelves
Item Price Done
mottled weapon harness formed from patches of tanned skins 4,315   !!
simple cheesecloth offering sack 162   !!
spiral-carved ironwood starchart tube 8,426   !!
ebonwood caravan care kit set with long jade veins etched to resemble blades of grass 2,079   !!
delicate pouch woven with the fibers of various herbs 1,804   !!
buffed leather talisman case inlaid with engraved silver plates 3,283   !!
slender bow pouch delicately embroidered with tiny musical notes 974   !!
deep ebony lockpick case set with smooth onyx plates 1,447   !!
all-purpose leaf-patterned survival belt 865   
platinum-hued armor pack shot through with narrow strands of steelsilk 5,051   !!
a rickety wooden folding stand
Item Price Done
tan leather hip pouch hand-tooled with a panther stalking a buck - Contains a lockpick tipped with a boar's tusk carved to resemble a grasping hand 5,051   !!
black velvet hip pouch embroidered with gold stars depicting the Shrike - Contains a lockpick tipped with a cabochon onyx centered in an oval field of diamonds 9,922   !!
azure hip pouch with the image of cresting waves picked out in crystal beading - Contains a lockpick tipped with scrimshaw depicting lemicus cavorting with dolphins 4,059   
forest green suede hip pouch embossed with entwined ivy leaves - Contains a silvery lockpick with a singing nightingale's image etched along the side 5,592   !!
an ironwood panel
Item Price Done
lockpick case with a detailed painting of the western mountains 1,533   !!
marquetry lockpick case handcrafted with an inlaid design of a mariner's compass 1,984   !!
darkened metal lockpick case 1,443   !!

[Packrat's Paradise, Waiting Area]
The patched leather walls made from various containers are continued here from the sales floor, though due to clever construction, the sound from the sales floor is reduced to a subtle murmur. An eccentric collection of various places to sit rest conveniently around a center table heaped with all kinds of food.
You also see a crooked notice, a crooked alteration rules board, a torn canvas curtain, a woven mat made from scraps of canvas, and a patched leather chair.
Obvious exits: southwest.

A crooked notice reads:
"As of the 4th month of Shorka the Cobra in the year of the Golden Panther, year 366, 
I will be changing SOME of my rules for as long as I see fit. Becase I'm such a nice guy, 
instead of just altering containers, I will alter anything that is leather or cloth. 
If you come up to me three years from now and ask if I'll alter things that ain't 
containers and I don't got this notice out any more, I'll throw ya out." 

  |                                                        |
  | We here just got simple rules, but ya better obey 'em! |
  |                (Or we'll throw ya out!)                |
  |                                                        |
  | 1) Have your design ready, if you don't, we'll throw   |
  |    you out.                                            |
  | 2) If you don't accept our changes when we say that's  |
  |    all we can do, we'll throw you out.                 |
  | 3) Our prices vary, but if you think we charge too     |
  |    much, we'll throw you out.                          |
  | 4) We got runners, but if you complain about their     |
  |    speed, we'll throw you out.                         |
  | 5) If you join a list a second time, we'll throw you   |
  |    out.                                                |
  | 6) We have the right at any time to throw you out for  |
  |    any reason.                                         |
  | 7) If you don't think we have the right to throw you   |
  |    out, we'll throw you out anyway.                    |
  |                                                        |

On the low table
Item Price Done
chocolate layer cake 0   No
fizzing fruit punch 0   No
spicy chicken wings 0   DG