Fiery Souls (1)

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Fiery Souls
Event Jeraya Bayajen
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Weapon shops, Barbarian shops
Restrictions Barbarian
This store only accepts Dokoras

A flame-patterned sign reads:

"The weapons on the rack are specially forged so that
they can only be handled by Barbarians, anyone without 
natural inner fire will not be able to handle them under 
any circumstances. You don't get a refund if you're stupid 
enough to try to hand it off to someone who ain't a Barb 
and you lose it. Don't ask me how I forged them, because 
I ain't gonna tell you no matter how many plats you offer." 

On the secured rack
Item Price Done
steel warrior's broadsword with a stained leather-wrapped hilt 8,388   !!!!
heavy warrior's hurling axe 35,178   
light damascene steel throwing axe 8,569   
thin steel katar with a viper fang hilt 11,275   
small throwing mallet with a fist-shaped iron head 6,765   
blackened steel-capped ironwood staff 2,164   
heavy steel flail with a leather-wrapped ironwood haft 17,138   
spiked iron mace with a cured leather grip 9,831   !!!!
jagged-edged cinquedea with a ruby-eyed viper hilt 79,376   
dark steel greatsword with a centaur-shaped obsidian hilt 18,040   !!
blackened steel scimitar etched with a silvery wolverine 18,942   !!!!
crude wooden club carved in the shape of a large boar's tusk 1,443