Gentleman's Corner (1)

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Gentleman's Corner
Event Jeraya Bayajen
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Clothing shops, Jewelry shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[The Gentleman's Corner, Front Room]
Here a simple room is filled with clothing neatly placed on shelves and boxes. Though bare of decoration, everything is clean with not a speck of dust on the pants, shirts or coats.
You also see an oak mannequin with some stuff on it, a tall mannequin with some stuff on it, a carved wooden counter with some stuff on it, a tent flap leading out, and a wicker mannequin with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: north.

On the oak shelf
Item Price Done
crisp white linen shirt with braided cuffs 1,353   No
bright red silk shirt with golden cufflinks 2,255   No
grey linen shirt with rolled-up cuffs 1,353   No
ivory linen shirt with carved oak buttons 1,353   No
black linen shirt with carved onyx buttons 1,353   !!
brilliant blue silk shirt with golden hook buttons 2,255   No
On the rosewood shelf
Item Price Done
soft white linen trousers edged with gold piping 4,961   No
deep blue linen trousers edged with silver piping 4,961   No
soft black velvet trousers clasped with carved onyx buttons 4,961   No
In the box
Item Price Done
ebony leather pants laced up the sides with brown cording 1,393   No
dark leather pants cinched with braided leather 1,393   No
heavy grey wool pants with rolled-up cuffs 1,393   No
baggy brown buckskin pants with dark knee patches 1,393   No
black buckskin pants gathered with leather straps 1,393   No
dark tan buckskin pants with fringe along the seams 1,393   No
On the oak mannequin
Item Price Done
wide silver band embedded with a carved onyx raven 13,530   !!
fitted black silk shirt with carved onyx cufflinks 2,255   !!
glossy black leather dress boots 4,510   No
dark grey wool trousers with black braiding along the sides 10,824   No
dark grey wool jacket with a black braided high-collar 4,690   No
On the tall mannequin
Item Price Done
muted black leather dress shoes 4,510   No
pair of midnight blue fitted trousers of soft brushed linen 10,824   No
pale gold cotton shirt with buttons of carved lapis 1,984   No
deep blue leather belt with a circular gold buckle 6,133   !!
midnight blue woolen cloak trimmed with gold braiding 18,040,   !!
On the wooden counter
Item Price Done
jade and ivory earcuff 5,543   !!
small fine gold hoop earring 8,839   !!
wooden arrow pendant engraved with a howling wolf 1,082   !!
white gold band set with a square-cut blood red ruby 25,256   !!
wide platinum bracelet studded with dark amber 16,348   !!
On the wicker mannequin
Item Price Done
cream-colored cotton shirt with billowing sleeves 3,111   !!
forest-green cotton trousers with a gold buckled leather belt 4,961   !!
moss-green suede ankle boots 4,510   !!
moss-green suede vest trimmed in brown leather 1,984   No
broad-rimmed straw hat with a dark leather band 2,255   !!

[The Gentleman's Corner, Back Room]
Canvas walls are lined with boxes of boots and shoes. Some dark blue woven rugs grace the floor and wooden stools offer a place to sit while trying on merchandise.
You also see a belt stand with some stuff on it and a low shelf with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: south.

On the ironwood box
Item Price Done
rich brown moccasins embroidered with dusty green willow leaves 2,696   !!
ebony moccasins threaded with brown leather laces 1,398   No
soft blue velvet moccasins embroidered with silvery thread 2,696   !!
polished brown dress shoes 2,164   No
On the oak box
Item Price Done
heavy black leather boots clasped with silver buckles 4,510   No
thick brown leather boots with folded cuffs 4,510   No
soft grey leather dress boots 4,510   No
reinforced leather boots with thick heels 4,510   No
pair of supple black leather dress boots 4,510   No
rich black riding boots with ornamental spurs 9,020   !!
On the belt stand
Item Price Done
wide black leather belt with a large silver buckle 4,510   !!
ebony belt of braided leather cinched with brass buckle 4,510   No
dark grey canvas belt adorned with silver studs 4,510   No
On the low shelf
Item Price Done
midnight-blue brocade slippers trimmed in gold satin 2,696   !!
dark green velvet slippers trimmed in fine gold-leaf embroidery 1,132   No
burgundy slippers lined in black silk 902   No
pair of fuzzy green slippers embroidered with scarlet thread 2,254   !!