Obscure Origins

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Obscure Origins
Event Jeraya Bayajen
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Jewelry shops, Weapon shops, Prydaen shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Obscure Origins, Accessories]
Partially covering the floor is an intricately dyed lambswool carpet, shaped to follow the curving wall of the tent. A dim lantern hangs from the framework that supports the sloping ceiling, casting a soft amber glow across the walls and simple furnishings. You also see a tent flap, a pile of saffron silk cushions, a calico Prydaen, a wide mahogany case with some stuff on it, and a tawny velvet mannequin with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: none.

In the obsidian tray (on the mahogany case)
Item Price Done
twisted platinum tailband adorned with opal and moonstone 180,400   !!
twisted blue gold tailband adorned with moonstones 27,060   !!
twisted gold tailband adorned with sunstones 27,060   !!
twisted white gold tailband adorned with amber 27,060   
In the granite tray (on the mahogany case)
Item Price Done
triple-strand blue gold hip chain linked with crescent-shaped charms 27,060   !!
triple-strand gold hip chain linked with disc-shaped charms 27,060   !!
triple-strand white gold hip chain linked with ray-shaped charms 27,060   !!
triple-strand platinum hip chain linked with triangular charms 180,400   !!
In the marble tray (on the mahogany case)
Item Price Done
blue gold shariza pendant bearing twin crescent moons in bas-relief 27,060   !!
white gold faiyka pendant bearing three narrow rays inset with amber 27,060   !!
gold iladza pendant bearing a multi-rayed sun in bas-relief 27,060   !!
platinum triquetra pendant set with opals and moonstone 360,800   !!
On the weapons display (on the mahogany case)
Item Price Done
etched katar with a layered bone and teak grip 8,118   !!!!
etched rondel dagger with a spiraled teak grip 1,353   !!!!
etched misericorde with a layered horn and ebony grip 4,510   
On the tawny velvet mannequin
Item Price Done
pair of hammered silver wristcuffs set with star sapphires in a wheel pattern 18,040   
mother-of-pearl vakoti banded in silver 9,020   !!

(Look Prydaen)(The owner!)
Standing in a deceptively casual pose, the Prydaen's body is covered in short, smooth fur that would resemble skin at first glance if not for the all-over calico coloration. Sparkling amber cat-slitted eyes gaze at you with silent intensity for a moment before flicking back and forth throughout the room, assessing the shoppers.

Rich silken samite flows down from her shoulders, heavily embroidered down the front panels to the hem with silvery thread. Gracing her slender wrists are matching cuffs of hammered silver set with star sapphires in a wheel pattern.