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Shadowy Safehouse
Event House of the Revenant Fang 429
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Weapon shops, Armor shops, General shops, Music shops, Magic shops, Crafting shops, Clothing shops, Jewelry shops, Empath shops, Moon Mage shops
This store only accepts Revenant Fang merits

[Shadowy Safehouse]
Fresh cedar buttressing, plush fur rugs, and decorative oil lamps make a serviceable hideout from what would otherwise be a dank and ordinary cave. Pushed up against the fictile walls, shelves laden with fastidiously organized sundries and armaments are illuminated by the flickering lamplight.
a narrow plinth with a canopic jar with a jackal head on it, an overturned vat with several things on it, a resplendent ring case, a series of bent nails with several things on it, a wooden moon with several things on it, a low shelf with several things on it, a shadowy requisitions officer, a torch-lit escape tunnel, an elegant hutch with several things on it, a flimsy rack with several things on it, an arrow bucket with some blackened morgawr spine arrows on it, a plain catak with several things on it, a flimsy bamboo tray with a couple of things on it, a sturdy case with a few things on it, a dark wardrobe with a black shadowsilk cloak on it, a tidy weapon stash with a couple of things on it, a wide stool with several things on it, a colorful display with a couple of things on it, a low cabinet with several things on it, a shield perch with an imbricated morgawr-scale targe edged in coiling glaes tentacles on it, a ruddy armory with a couple of things on it, an enormous table with several things on it and a black glass stand with a velvet cutlery purse trimmed with Elothean lace on it.
Obvious exits: northeast, west.

  • Leave via the TUNNEL, moving west returns you to the Jademist Shore
  • To reach the shop without using a summons, ask the shadowy agent about TREASURE at any of the Meeting portals.

Crafting Materials (Enormous Table)

on the vardite shelf
Item Price Done
gigantic vardite bar - 40 vols 300   No
on the wide drawer
Item Price Done
thick Imperial weave cloth - 15 yards 330   No
on the diamond-hide shelf
Item Price Done
large tyrium bar - 4 vols 180   No
diamond-hide leather - 4 yards 180   No
on the glass shelf
Item Price Done
huge audrualm shard - 5 vols 30   No
deed for diamondique boulder 30   No
crystal-bone stack - 5 pieces 30   No
deed for fulginode boulder 30   No
huge haledroth shard - 5 vols 30   No
deed for some finivire lumber - 5 pieces 30   No
on the deep tray
Item Price Done
large icesteel bar - 4 vols 20   No
huge haralun lump - 5 vols 20   No
huge kertig shard - 5 vols 20   No
on the small display
Item Price Done
massive glaes fragment - 10 vols 15   No
large silversteel bar - 4 vols 15   No


On the low shelf
Item Price Done
shadowy shoebox with the faint outline of slippers - contains nightsilk assassin's slippers 30   !!
goggles sack embroidered with a multitude of squinting eyes - contains black leather wraparound goggles with button-sized malachite lenses 30   !!
polished lirisan lyre case - contains verdant-hued lirisan Elothean web lyre etched with lotus petals 30   !!
green-black morgawr leather moneybelt 30   !!
Hide the coins you make playing this lyre in your moneybelt, or help hide yourself with the slippers. While you're lurking in the shadows, use the goggles to see in the dark!
On the elegant hutch
Item Price Done
dusty highwayman's thigh bag with thin leather bindings - AUTOLOOT container; holds 25 items 30   !!
blue velvet knapsack clasped by a golden raven - AUTOLOOT container; holds 25 items 30   !!
rugged wyvern hide sack with cracked bits of yellowed bone - AUTOLOOT container; holds 25 items 30   !!
potency crystal 30   
infuser stone 30   
jadeleaf scroll case with matte green gold end caps - contains 1 scroll with Adaptive Curing 30   !!
pale green lotusweave scroll case with polished gold end caps - contains 1 scroll with Avren Aevareae 30   !!
platinum scroll case with indurium end caps - contains 1 scroll with Whispers of the Muse 30   !!
Stones and Crystals galore - the cases are also nice. You'll find Adaptive Curing in the jadeleaf scroll case, Avren Aevareae in the pale green scroll case, and Whispers of the Muse in the platinum scroll case. The wyvern hide sack, velvet knapsack and highwayman's thigh bag will help you loot more safely.
on the flimsy rack
Item Price Done
crumpled authorization - Bayou Stalker 1   !!
smudged authorization - Morgawr Bait 1   !!
bloodied authorization - Morgawr Food 1   !!
stained authorization - Jirikana's Weapon 1   !!
muddied authorization - Ashala'taman's Avenger 1   !!
soggy authorization - Ashala'taman's Gardener 1   !!
ink-splotched authorization - Kilgamant's Servitor 1   !!
moss-covered authorization - Ashala'taman's Defender 1   !!
Titles. Bind to the character that purchases them.
On the arrow bucket
Item Price Done
blackened morgawr spine arrows - 10 20   !!
on the plain catak
Item Price Done
morgawr bone spike - passive mana regen 150   !!
morgawr leather armband tooled with severed tentacles - concentration 150   !!
braided jadeleaf anklet splotched with indeterminate stains - passive vitality regen 150   !!
flawless white lotus blossom carved from thealstone - magical omni-hider 150   !!
morgawr leather thighband - added 1/23/19; concentration 150   !!
scrimshaw morgawr bone armband inlaid with blackwater jet - added 1/23/19; passive mana regen 150   !!
canvas limb bag stamped with obscure symbols - contains a twisted bogbirch limb covered in obscure symbols 150   !!
It's a Regeneration Station! The bone spike and armband will help with mana, the jadeleaf anklet helps your health, and the leather armband and thighband is great for those who want to focus a little more. Don't forget to snag a bogbirch limb if you need a little more "Tranquility" in your life and the lotus blossom is great for hiding things you don't want to be seen wearing.
On the bamboo tray
Item Price Done
slimy inkpot - removes a magical tattoo 10   !!
deep bogbirch dye tub with twisted purple gold handles 10   
The dye tub holds dye! The inkpot? Well, it'll hold any stray magical tattoos you have lurking on your skin that need a storage spot, and when you wear them again you'll have a tree, unless you have something more permanent.
On the sturdy case
Item Price Done
lusterless blackwater jet ring - invisibility ring (10 charges, cooldown) 50   
morgawr fang - crafting material 50   !!
deed for a blackwater jet boulder - crafting material 50   No
In this case we put some crafting materials and a ring that will make you vanish for a rois.
on the dark wardrobe
Item Price Done
black shadowsilk cloak - hider: everything but the hands 400   
Shadowsilk needs no introduction...
On the weapon stash
Item Price Done
black-green ka'hurst mace with a purple gold enameled lotus blossom head - weapon: 250   
inky bogbirch hunting longbow carved with a diving morgawr - weapon: 250   
If you like dark weapons, these are perfect for you!
On the wide stool
Item Price Done
wispy-grained bogbirch repair case inlaid with lusterless blackwater jet - siegery set (miniature malachite-scaled morgawr with articulated damite tentacles, miniature Black Fang encampment centered on a square of ebony felt, miniature Black Fang recruit wielding a little steel chain, miniature Black Fang deadeye clutching a silverwillow crossbow, miniature Ilva figurine robed in shadowy dergatine, miniature zombie kobold embedded with a tiny crystal spike) 100   !!
bat-winged boots with rubbery morgawr tentacle soles - winged boots 100   !!
shadowy crimson token - Shadow Servant alteration token 100   !!
shadowy purple token - Shadow Servant alteration token 100   !!
shadowy silver token - Shadow Servant alteration token 100   !!
triple-looped strand of cambrinth discs dangling a barghest fang toggle - cambrinth: 100 mana (waist-worn) 100   !!
tarnished silver spike - custom Guardian Spirit 100   DG
If you wanted to change your shadowy servant, guardian spirit, flapping boots, or to play siegery, you could use something on this stool. The discs have almost as much cambrinth as an orb.
On the colorful display
Item Price Done
mottled leather cloak dappled with vengeance ruby teardrops - backpack-sized pocket? 175   !!
leather boatman's pack with wide shoulder straps - container: 18 x 13 x 8 (1500 stones)? 175   !!
The cloak has had its internal dimensions increased to be the size of a backpack, but it's still a cloak and can only hold so much weight. The pack is bigger than a backpack, and is reinforced to hold more weight too.
On the low cabinet
Item Price Done
morgawr scale - crafting material: leather 75   !!
ink-streaked sack - alteration fodder (bisected black bogbirch bough) 75   !!
braided jadeleaf cloth rope fit with damite hardware - tool: climbing aid (verby) 75   !!
moss-green sack - alteration fodder (length of mossy jadeleaf cloth) 75   !!
severed morgawr tentacle - bullwhip 75   !!
furniture voucher - housing: 100-item storage (Ilithian black bogbirch wardrobe carved with lotus blossoms) 75   DG
marquise-cut vengeance ruby - alteration fodder 75   !!
small Ilithian cedar jewelry box painted in soft lilac hues - contains labyrinthine tyrium shesegri ring threaded with blackwater jet, tiny tyrium key 75   !!
On this cabinet is a voucher for a wardrobe that will hold 100 things! The rope will help you climb tall walls, and the tentacle will whip things into shape. Both sacks have pretty looking things in them, that you might take to a merchant to use to make something else look nice, like the really pretty ring in the jewelry box.
On the shield perch
Item Price Done
imbricated morgawr-scale targe edged in coiling glaes tentacles 325   !!
It's a shield!
On the ruddy armory
Item Price Done
midnight-green burlap bag draped with bits of swamp moss - contains: batrachian morgawr-scale gloves tipped with yellowed claws, tenebrous morgawr-scale armor embossed with a rippling pattern and morgawr-scale cowl with a membranous headfin 350   !!
enveloping shroud of tangled swamp moss 350   !!
Wear a stylish morgawr armor set, or if you don't think it's so stylish, you can always turn invisible with this shroud.
On the glass stand
Item Price Done
velvet cutlery purse trimmed with Elothean lace - contains: heavy silversteel salad fork, heavy silversteel butter knife and heavy silversteel soup spoon 500   !!
The purse on this stand contains dangerous cutlery that could really hurt something.

Added on 1/20/19

On the overturned vat
Item Price Done
fiery red inkpot - Fire Shard 150   !!
pearlescent grey inkpot - Harm Evil 150   !!
blue and green inkpot - Swarm 150   !!
web-painted inkpot - Harawep's Bonds 150   !!
curled inkpot - Innocence 150   !!
Magical tattoos.
The fiery inkpot is Fire Shards, pearlescent grey will give you Harm Evil, blue and green is Swarm, web-painted is Harawep's Bonds, and the curled one is Innocence. How sweet!"
In the ring case
Item Price Done
resplendent alerce ring - Intelligence +3 100   
resplendent audrualm ring - Agility +3 100   
resplendent gloomwood ring - Discipline +3 100   
resplendent iroko ring - Wisdom +3 100   
resplendent haralun ring - Strength +3 100   
resplendent darkstone ring - Stamina +3 100   
resplendent glitvire ring - Charisma +3 100   
resplendent niello ring - Reflex +3 100   
+3 rings.
"They're resplendent. They're rings. What more could you want to know? Oh, they'll make you better at things. Buy them! Try them!"
On the bent nails
Item Price Done
murky-grey mirror in the shape of an eye 15   No
greenish-blonde mirror with a braided hair handle 15   No
greenish-grey mirror with a braided hair handle 15   No
muddy-brown mirror in the shape of an eye 15   No
dingy mirror with an overall mottled appearance 15   No
narrow mirror with stringy fringe 15   No
moss-hued mirror with fuzzy fringe 15   No
Feature changing mirrors.
"Mottled skin? Check. Muddy-brown eyes? Okay. Murky-grey eyes? Sure! Hair of greenish-grey or greenish-blonde or moss-hued, and even stringy... what kind of look are we going for here?"
On the wooden moon
Item Price Done
moss-hued mirror with fuzzy fringe 10   No
murky-grey mirror in the shape of a moonskin-fringed eye 10   No
green-splotched mirror shaped like a moonskinned snout 10   No
muddy brown mirror shaped like a masked eye 10   No
MOONSKIN ONLY feature changing mirrors.
"These here mirrors only work if you have moonskin. They only show while you're IN moonskin. If you want a green-splotched snout, murky-grey eyes, muddy-brown eyes, or a moss-hued coat while Katamba shines, these will help. Otherwise, please purchase another fine item."

Added on 1/22/19

On the narrow plinth
Item Price Done
canopic jar with a jackal head - Forgebinding 125   
This here jar will do a nifty binding if you've got some things that are well-suited to being bound. Hold two similar items in your hands and show one to the jar to see if they'll bind. There's a testing jar just northeast of here.

Added on 1/23/19

On the bamboo rack
Item Price Done
folded uthamar masamune - 2HE; currently for display only ?   
This work of art was a test run by a master bladesmith. It will not be for sale. We have, however, commissioned three more like it.

Added on 1/25/19

On the ticket dispenser
Item Price Done
raffle ticket folded into a paper masamune - raffle ticket for a masamune with sheath 0   No
READ the sales ledger for current list of participants.
Those interested in a masamune should take a ticket. There is no charge to enter the drawing, but you must have 250 merits to take a ticket. If you win, you'll be need to be able to come up with the full purchase price of 1250 merits.
On the golden chest
Item Price Done
filigreed authorization - Meritorious 25   
gilded authorization - Black Fang's Bane 25   
Distinguished titles for the prestigious.
On the rusted wheelbarrow
Item Price Done
corrupted translocation orb - 1 hour in Corrupted khor'vela beltunumshi grove 12   
mottled translocation orb - single teleport to Eccentric Mage's transport hub 12   
small serpent totem - 5 uses of HEALME 12   
Transportation orbs will take you to new places! Studying them might help you find your way. The totem can provide healing in a pinch!
On the narrow counter
Item Price Done
mossy commendation 8   !!
This commendation will let you collect incidental loot while hunting deadeyes, recruits, watchers, headhunters, and savages.

Added on 1/26/19

On the morgawr-scale coffin
Item Price Done
splotchy canvas sack covered in countless spilled inks - contains a inky red vial, an inky orange vial, an inky yellow vial, an inky green vial, an inky blue vial, an inky indigo vial and an inky violet vial 5   !!
"This single sack contains vials of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet inks to refill or swap out with your morgawr toy!"

Crystal Task

[Observation Chamber]
The tunnel opens into the cavernous basin of a large sinkhole here, sunlight and fresh air flooding in through the open ceiling above. Rendered in lines of silvery chalk, an intricate geometric glyph dominates the earthen cave floor.
You also see a canopic jar with a jackal head, a shadowy scribe and a shimmering scrying crystal.
Obvious exits: southwest.

  • The canopic jar is a permanent version of the one sold in the shop. Interacting with it will allow you to determine before purchase if the item(s) you wish to forgebind are compatible.
  • read crystal:
The scribe steps between you and the crystal as you approach. "I'm afraid this area is restricted to those who have been summoned," he says.
[This task requires the purchase of a Revenant Fang summons to complete!]

To start, redeem a Furtive Summons in the room and read the crystal. You either push, rub, or tap on the crystal depending how the crystal looks.

Doing this earns 10 merits, but there are no incidentals this way. It lasts about 5-7 actions, with 15-20 second roundtime each.

Note: the actions below may be different for people, but each action is tied to a specific message.

The image is blurry and vague: push crystal

The image is partially obscured by streaks of jittery color: rub crystal

The image is too dim to make out clearly: tap crystal


See House of the Revenant Fang 429/Raffle for rules, prizes, and winners.