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Haledroth is a dull blue metal that has the natural ability to affect the flexing giant mechanical mice.

This material must be provided for alterations.

Crafting Properties

Hardness Durability Workability Elect Thermal Physical Ductility Capacity Density Value
96 75 35 15 20 97 95 6 6.2 35,000
35,000 Kronars
28,000 Lirums
25,256 Dokoras
35 LTBpoints
35 Tickets
Item:Haledroth etrana blossom with a silvery speckled throat, Hollow Eve Task Rewards, House of the Revenant Fang 429/Incidental loot, House of the Revenant Fang 429/Shadowy Safehouse


ItemSource isRare item
Balanced haledroth bokoDrathrok's Assemblage (4)Drathrok's Assemblage (5)true
Curved haledroth scimitarDrathrok's Assemblage (3)true
Dull haledroth greatswordDrathrok's Assemblage (3)true
Enormous haledroth war mallet rimed with bits of crystal-boneDuskruin Auction 422true
Finivire light crossbow with haledroth mechanismDrathrok's Assemblage (3)true
Glimmering haledroth pikeDrathrok's Assemblage (4)Drathrok's Assemblage (5)true
Haledroth bokoDrathrok's Assemblage (3)true
Haledroth etrana blossom with a silvery speckled throatHouse of the Revenant Fang 429/Incidental loottrue
Haledroth katana with a white jade tsukatrue
Kau leather-bound haledroth maceDrathrok's Assemblage (4)Drathrok's Assemblage (5)true
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