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ForgeBinding is a service provided by Binder Jurgis

                                   -== ForgeBinding ==-                                    
For a minuscule fee, Binder Jurgis will be willing to consult with those who wish to      
bind any artisan-altered weapon or set/piece of armor to any exactly matching item that   
may have been tempered, balanced, lightened, hardened, or otherwise forge-altered.        

Please note that "exactly matching" means "exactly matching."  Artisan-altered            
broadswords may be ForgeBound to a forge-altered broadsword. however an artisan-altered   
scimitar cannot be ForgeBound to a forge-altered longsword, rapier, cutlass, nimsha, or   
any other style of weapon other than "scimitar."                                          
Be on notice that in addition to the modest, non-refundable consultation fee, Binder      
Jurgis will also charge a fee for his actual services commensurate with both his skill    
and the attention to detail required for the pieces in question.

No List

The following items may not be ForgeBound.

Automatic Forgebinding

In January 2019 (429), an automatic forgebinding system was released into the test instance. The release post for that can be found here:

When you SHOW the items to the jar for comparison, the success message will be:

  • The <item 1> and the <item 2> are compatible with the canopic jar's magic.

Once you have acquired a jar, you can STUDY it for information on use:

You believe you could PUT two similar objects inside a canopic jar with a jackal head, and SHAKE it to transfer the appearance and magic of one to the other.
Alternatively, you could SHOW an item to the canopic jar to determine if it and another held item are compatible with the canopic jar's magic.
You believe you could also DUMP the canopic jar to empty its contents at your feet.
[Use of this item will strip creator info and material info from crafted items if they are the mechanically inferior item. This could make future Enchanting of the item more difficult.]

An example of use is:

  • put <item 1> into jar: A magical vortex appears on the surface of a canopic jar with a jackal head and sucks some stormy grey slippers with delicate silken ankle straps inside!
  • put <item 2> into jar: A magical vortex appears on the surface of a canopic jar with a jackal head and sucks some slippers inside!
  • put shake jar: As you shake the canopic jar, light begins pouring out of it until you have to look away. When you look back, you see that you are left holding some stormy grey slippers with delicate silken ankle straps.
  • note: once you shake the jar, it will destroy both the original items and leave you with the new, merged item.

Items not available for use with the system:

  • The canopic jar cannot accept items with different scripts.
  • The canopic jar cannot accept items that are EZScripted.
  • The canopic jar cannot accept items when one is wearable, and the other is not.
  • note: the above message was given between 2 spears, one bonded and the other not, however neither was a worn item or had a weapon strap
  • You sense a deep connection with the haon-hafted spear, as if it will be with you always.
  • The canopic jar cannot accept items that are different nouns.
  • The canopic jar cannot accept items that are different types of item.
  • note: the above was received from trying 2 hammers, 1 medium blunt, 1 heavy blunt/thrown
  • note: the above was also received from trying a "target shield" and a "grey shield" (dyed, tanned), both were small size
  • The canopic jar does not accept Thryntyrlz Bags.
  • The canopic jar does not accept items registered to someone else.
  • The canopic jar cannot cannot determine which item to repaint. The cosmetically superior item is also higher tier.

Comments from GM Javac during testing:

  • In response to 2 small shields that were not accepted, 1 store bought and 1 old-system tanned:
  • Javac says, "It's because of an internal type on the shields."
  • Javac says, "Some of the old stuff should work."
  • Javac says, "But, there are just some weird old things."
  • <Player says>, "I have an altered old forged haubrek somewhere I'll have to dig out, that didn't have anything weird about it other than the alteration."
  • Javac says, "And being an old forged item."
  • Javac says, "Old forging is... sort of broken."
  • Javac says, "It used a stupid way of tracking data, then unfortunately causes it to fail."
  • Javac says, "It just hid an item inside the forged thing."
  • Javac says, "Really old forged items are weird."
  • In response to a question about if cambrinth is accepted:
  • <Player says>, "Since you're here instead of me trying to track a blank item down...will the jars work on cambrinth too? Like if you had a 32 mana armband and wanted the alteration onto a 50?"
  • Javac says, "Yep, it should."
  • <Player says>, "And, will the jars reject if you try to "downgrade" something? Like if you're an idoit and have an altered 50 mana and a store bought 32?"
  • Javac says, "Yeah, it should fail."
  • Javac says, "It shouldn't let you put them both in the jar."
  • Javac says, "If they both have a look, it'll keep the 50 mana and overright the appearance, though."
  • <Player says>, "Hmm, so in theory, you could overwrite an altered 50 mana armband with the LOOK and TAP of a store bought 32 then."
  • Javac says, "Potentially."
  • In response to a question about scripted items:
  • <Player says>, which scripts would be restricted on the forgebinding
  • Javac says, "Mirror Weapons, Elemental Weapons, Shield of Light, Repeating Crossbows, Chipper Weapons, Arhat's Sword, Exoskeletal Weapons, Gore Weapons, Energy Bows, Void Weapons, Moonblade, Thryntyrlz Bags, Instruments, Siegery Items, Inkpots, Gwethdesuan, Damage indicating weapons/armor/shields, Beastly Gauntlets, Shimmer weapons, Gem pouches."
  • Javac says, "Brawling weapons and slings as well."
  • Javac says, "Because they're weird."
  • Javac says, "Oh, EZScripted items don't work either."
  • Javac says, "But scripts that just add verbs should work."
  • Javac says, "The food weapon script should work."
  • Javac says, "Cambrinth should work."
  • Javac says, "The goal was mostly to allow old merchant things, or altered things, to have their appearance moved to a mechanically better thing."
  • Javac says, "Like in six years we release tier 12 weapons or whatever."
  • <Player2 says>, "Oh interesting, the Reso cast persisted."
  • <Player1 says>, "Maybe it's an allowed script."
  • Javac says, "Depends on which one it's on. The mechanically better item just gets repainted."
of note here, a <player> combined a stat-boosting ring with a regular one to get its look.
  • In response to a question about pilgrim badges:
  • <Player says>, "Works on pilgrim's badges, but wipes away all your visited shrines."
  • Javac says to <player>, "Let me look into that."
  • note: To transfer visited shrines from one badge to another, PUSH BADGE WITH OTHER BADGE.
  • In response to an old-forging system sabre not correctly taking a TAP from a new(er) festival sabre:
  • Javac: The issue is the old forged sabre has a LOOK, and the fest sabre does not. LOOK is considered the cosmetically best thing, and since the fest sabre only has a TAP the forged sabre is considered better cosmetically.

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