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Status: Historical Figure
Guild: Bard
Race: Elothean
Gender: Female
Type: ferdahl

Ferdahl Thaerine Plaintale was the Elothean Ferdahl that brought the Elotheans into the Seven Star Empire. Was Ferdahl at some time between the reigns of Emreen and Corik (though her reign may not have been immediately before or immediately after these two Ferdahls) .


-903 Reign of Ferdahl Thaerine Plaintale begins
-859 Ferdahl Thaerine brings Elotheans into Seven Star Empire

From Elothean Studies

Thaerine was a bard of her people, and numerous songs have been written of her life. A decided hero of the Eloths, it was Thaerine's decision to enter the Seven-Pointed Empire, a decision that was grudgingly welcomed, and then happily accepted when the Eloths learned how well it worked for them.

Aesry Painting

Found in the Ger Ilerthan on the 3rd tier in northern Aesry:

The portrait is of a middle-aged Elothean woman, plainly dressed, with the wrinkles of long hours of thought and argument etched around her eyes and forehead. She looks into the distance as though perceiving something wondrous just outside the range of sight. A tiny plaque is affixed to the bottom of the frame.
A brass plaque reads:
"Thaerine Plaintale"